we went to Japan and tried some of the most unique and craziest Foods in the entire world from a two thousand dollar melon to an alien sea snail make sure you stick around because in the end we try a poisonous fish that can actually kill you we can die from this only if you get the most dangerous food the first dish oh my God at least I didn't get the most dangerous Lexi you're going next oh my god of course I know seriously why does she have to get that Drew you go next disgusting first look at this and she

gets luxurious yo that's gonna be so bad I know thanks Brad I'm gonna go next okay I'm like really nervous come on Chef come on does that mean Pearson gets expensive why do all the girls get the best we're gonna be eating so good so with our bellies empty and our bags in hand we booked our tickets and flew across the Pacific Ocean to the beautiful island of Japan where we are off to our first stop in Oda City Lexi you are up fir
st this is Katsu we are outside the most expensive sushi restaurant in Japan it got two Michelin

stars wow this restaurant is so exclusive only one group can eat at a time and you can only eat with Chef katsu prepares so it takes up to four months to get a reservation here Lexi and it was definitely worth the wait because katsu was brewing up something else he's tasting it but it's right do you have how does the rice taste that's so good to dry just for me that's the best white rice I've ever tasted in my life but he was just getting started because up next was the biggest piece of tuna we had ever seen wow how much they

cost 306 000 Yen 2 284 US Dollars oh my God Lexi is a big Sushi lover but if Sherry's picky he's very picky so I'll eat those other ones that you don't eat and then I'll eat whatever falls on the floor okay oh this is not for human it is important [Music] we're literally just being tortured here Lexi whatever you don't want send it my way I'm gonna be eating all of them and my shaking this is the best one really yeah what wait why does Andrew get some I told him he looks cute how is it

why are we still here watching her eat can we just go [Music] so right now we are at tsukiji market and Drew remember how you got disgusting okay you will be eating an alien sea snail Fox and alien seasonal what alien sea snails are best enjoyed raw they're from Japan and they love to eat plankton and today Drew's gonna love to eat it you guys may want to stand back when I eat this it's not gonna look good the fact that that is what I'm eating look at that thing that looks disgusting he's gonna make it
into Sashimi so Raw it's not cooked no so it's gonna be raw I don't want to eat it wow you know what he did put like a little flower so he made it look a little better I would rather eat the flour in the middle can I eat that instead this thing was alive like five minutes ago two one go it tastes when I bit it the first time juice like like spit out of it oh my god when I try to bite it it would like slip in between my teeth oh there's nothing enjoyable about that anyone else oh no thank you please I did for 500. so if I

give you 500 you'll eat that swallow it yeah I did it for free do I get money no why all right okay here we go eat it yeah swimming around in your mouth right now the parasites the parasites everything TV in your mouth is not gonna help [Laughter] [Music] it makes you cry it's probably the worst thing I've ever had in my life I respect to both of you I don't think I could have done that this wasn't even my thing next up was Pearson with the most expensive food so Drew and I split from the group to drive to shiblia City for

our next Food location we were outside the shop that sells some of the most expensive fruits in the entire world some of these fruits are sold for more than three thousand dollars bro I don't even know how that's possible I don't know either but let's go check it out I don't think I can afford anything in here look at the price tag oh my God 22 000 Yen that's like 250 bucks I don't see how that's worth it pineapple is 200 so a lemon is a hundred dollars it's so lucky dude she gets like
a good fruit well I got freaking seasoning so once we had some fruit picked out for Pearson and they wrapped it up like a gift and they even put a little tag with her name on it what is the most expensive fruit you guys have ever sold this is the most expensive one they've ever sold actually we just bought the most expensive melon they've ever sold 359 000 Yen dude it better be like the best thing I've ever had yeah if she doesn't like it then I'm eating it oh 100 hi all right I'm good what do you
think it is at first I was thinking like caviar but then I felt how heavy it was I feel like it's like meat okay only that I can't eat right now three two one fruit three thousand dollars worth of fruit bro we got these for three dollars at home oh my gosh oh my God oh my oh my god well I'm just third Wheeling at this plant next up is the orange orange you glad Pearson that you got the most expensive Foods I'm so thrilled right now this little piece of orange is probably like 70 bucks who would spend

this much money on fruit like for real that guy the big one it's so good and it's like almost jelly like here's your seventy dollars you guys are gonna lose um right both of them were worth the money we saved the best for last God how much is this one this one was one thousand two hundred dollars oh you hear that slur oh my God oh my God oh my gosh there's nothing in this world tastes as good as this you couldn't even like manufacture something to taste as good I have a slice please no not on

this one side what you guys are on your own no no oh my God hey come back here with that melon all right so now it is Andrew's turn yes you have the cheapest food it's 7-Eleven look I go there all the time so you have 20 to spend you can get whatever you want it's like the nicest 7-Eleven ever this is like a restaurant look how good this looks actually the 7-Elevens here have everything you could ever want from manga to Candy to Freshly Baked Dumplings that they'll even warm up for you in the back and I

that's definitely more than twenty dollars worth four thousand yen four thousand yen what like 40 bucks I think that's like a little over 20 bucks but we'll let it slide so what's the appetizer I have no idea this is pork and Curry it doesn't look like half bath this is freshly made by 7-Eleven themselves you're satisfied with this holy crap that's honestly like a four four out of five okay we got Sushi I actually don't know about this one I mean they tell you not to eat sushi from gas stations but

we're in Japan I don't know it's not dancing on this one yeah let's try the lemon nuggets though these chicken nuggets were only a dollar he was giving it a try let's see Andrew Drew's eating your mango fire did you let Drew eat that or didn't just grabbing the good stuff bro I'm still hungry all I had was a sister again you can't do that that's just good just give me a lot of energy unless you do I can run them out right now I'm honestly glad I got the 7-Eleven food because

it's a bunch of choices you know like it's not just like one thing yeah dude I'm freaking out wait I'm gonna go I need to go wait what what is he doing so we chased Drew to the last location and now it's getting kind of anxious because it became pretty obvious what my next meal was gonna be there's only a couple places that sell this what are we doing here well you see we all went so now it's only fair that you go it's time for you to suffer would you like to see what you're gonna be enjoying tonight yeah

come on over bump back one out of three people that try this die wait what do we backtrack that I'm gonna be eating these guys can just kill you in just one bite let's just get this over with so I'm gonna be eating puffer fish their organs are toxic and they must be carefully removed to avoid death only chefs who have qualified after three or more years of rigorous training are allowed to prepare the fish that's how serious this is so we just sat down and let me tell you there's no one else in this restaurant

right now everyone else died oh are you sure this is safe cheese I just try it each year about 150 people are hospitalized from eating the wrong part your face will go numb and then paralysis as follows it was really nice knowing you are you okay no I'm not  if you're from one of these countries that like the video we're gonna go to the country with the most likes and try their unique and craziest food this week shout out goes to Andreas and we'll see you guys next week foreign

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