i'm traveling back from europe today and i just got off the phone with the airline offering an upgrade of a lifetime it looks like it can be upgraded for 355 let me just make sure i'm hearing this right for 355 dollars yeah let's do it before the flight the chauffeur is coming to pick me up yes but this is no ordinary first class seat this is one of the most expensive most prestigious first class tickets on one of the best airlines in the entire world usually these seats go for over 25 000 but i quickly ran into a problem we're

stuck in traffic and the plane leaves in less than 50 minutes out of every single flight i've taken in my entire life this is the flight not to miss literally the flight leaves in 50 minutes i don't even know if we're gonna make it on time i thought we planned better than that i know we got dropped off at the airport and after getting my ticket we ran through the terminal and finally made it to the gate before they closed it check this out first class first you stop it already what just rubbing it in at this point no i'm not

so i heard my seat comes with a massage yeah mine does too except mine is probably just a kid kicking my seat the whole time thank you are you good how are you very good is that mrs yes oh perfect thank you just right here okay so i just got in my seat and oh my gosh this is literally the best airplane seat i've ever been on so many cool things inside there's an ipad right here flat screen tv that's also touch screen they gave me a little bag let's see what's inside deodorant tissues i have no idea what this is shaving foam

and a shaver for my non-existent beard dental kit also my suite came with a snack basket full of all of my favorite snacks like potato chips and gummy bears coffee before we take off yummy so we finally took to the sky and i was convinced that i was living my best life so there's a lot of little buttons right here and i'll tell you what they all do these control the window shades press this to release the ipad just like that so this is literally one of the best features on this plane i can open and close the door it's this

button right here  and now i have all the privacy i want they even give you like all this stuff i don't even know what this is pillow mist facial toner eye cream gotta use all the amenities okay so i'm feeling a little hungry so this bun right here you press and they come to take your order this is the menu basically you can order whatever you want whenever you want and because all the food and drinks were free i pretty much ordered the entire menu if you get thirsty and you don't want to wait for a drink there is a

personal mini bar in my suite there's soda water sparkling water everything you can ask for this suite is so big i can literally sit on the ground i'm living my best life right now i still can't believe that this only cost 350 okay so guys i just had to go to the restroom and oh my god this is the bathroom i have never been in a bathroom this big before on a plane look there's a bench there's a shower i'm gonna be using the shower a little later for sure look at all of these amenities there's even a tv in the

bathroom so there's a bar area on the plane this is what it looks like you can order whatever you want and it's all free all right so i'm the new bartender would anyone like a drink yes all right let's do it we've been on this flight for four hours and this lady keeps snoring next to me get me out of here all right so this is a five-star meal in the sky this plate of caviar is probably worth more than the entire plane ticket i've never had caviar before so i'm kind of scared for those of you who don't know caviar's

fish eggs onto the pan okay excellent it's so gross all right so this is the main course this looks so good whoa that's good this is my third drink i'm having too much fun okay so there's a few benefits of having the doors number one you can pick your nose without anyone knowing and eat it no i'm just kidding number two you can fart as much as you want and no one will care there is nothing better than eating a five-star meal on a plane watching your favorite movie who doesn't like in kanto

so the main course is done so now it's dessert time right thank you so this is dessert dessert number two it's so good i might have been living my best life but mason was struggling how is it so hard this sucks she keeps farting so every person that has a suite can book a shower time on the airplane so i booked mine towards the end of the flight i literally cannot wait to take a shower 38 000 feet up in the air okay so we're about halfway through the flight i'm getting a little tired so i'm gonna

try and get some rest they told me that once i'm ready to go to sleep they can turn my seat into a bed so let's see how this goes  all right so now that my bed is made they gave me a literal pajama set and slippers i love this airline these jammies are really comfy i like how detailed this airline is they even have their logo on the slippers alright so i'm going to sleep for a couple hours and i'll see you when i wake up i don't think i've ever slept that good on an airplane before i think i'm ready

for my shower all right so now it is the shower time i have been waiting for this moment for my entire life and today i'm finally gonna do it right here is the shower let's do this here we go hopefully there's no turbulence when i'm in the shower that would be so bad i am 38 000 feet up in the air right now showering i never thought this was possible him showering on an airplane that was really refreshing there was no turbulence we're good oh my god okay now there's turbulence i'm brushing

my feet 38 000 feet up in the air i'm shaving my face 38 000 feet up in the air i'm dancing naked 38 000 feet up in the air so i just got out of the shower and now i'm eating a light snack we land in about 30 minutes all right so guys they're saying on youtube right now if you're a subscriber you can like the video more than once so see if this is true everyone go and like this video as many times as you can let's see how many likes we can get all right so it's been eight hours it is almost time for

landing i don't want to get off this plane at all they're gonna have to drag me off here this was the best day of my life how was your flight were you on a different plane or something lady next to me was snoring the whole time are you tired i'm freaking tired you're looking crash really you look well rested i showered i slept for two hours i had a five course meal caviar i ate caviar maybe you'll get upgraded next time well thank you guys so much for watching i'll see you guys next time.

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