all right guys i want to introduce you to my friends elena and alexa they are twins hey baby girl so let's go show some of my friends all right let's go so i have a little surprise for you do you basically i have these twins these twin girls are you ready to meet them yeah who is it all right twins are gonna come out what bro oh my god y'all looking good all right jeremy close your eyes bro i hear moving around what's going on [Laughter] were you holding that the whole entire time does it do that i'm out of here i'm

out of here so basically i was at the mall and then i met these two fine girls guess what what they're twins elena and alexa what's going on i don't like this at all are we not pretty half the girl what you sent forth close your eyes they're here today too they're here they're right actually in the back oh no this is the scariest sight i've ever seen that's worse than any halloween prank ever dude oh god and you can take that back with you okay so funny story mason dom and jeremy

started a band so we are downtown right now where they're supposed to perform uh this is gonna be embarrassing yeah secondhand embarrassment wait so what's going on here mason uh we we started a bed because we really want to buy a moped he's so good wait so how long have you guys been out here playing about two and a half hours and how much have you made so far um one two two dollars you made a whole two dollars a lot better than i thought we were going to do you guys sucked out there all right guys so we actually have anna

here with us today wow anna where's your sister at oh she's in her room she's always in her room she is can you get her i want to meet her do you want to build a snowman i don't think i want to beat her anymore so my friend ben has been really late for the past couple of days i guess his alarm clock like doesn't work or something look who finally decided to show up dude okay i can explain you're 10 minutes late my alarm clock broke so this week mason and i are gonna make sure that he wakes

up so his mom let us into his apartment and we're about to wake him up [Music] pansy wake up that's right on your feet somebody jump down give me tweezers all right let's go right now wake up all right well you're gonna be on time today right yes i'm here all right guys so it is the third morning and today we are waking them up with some where do you cheerleaders these people i need to get a new alarm clock do you think this is creepy this is really creepy

why are we here guys so we are sitting outside of lauren grey's house right now how would you like it if lauren gray sat outside your house just looking in i wouldn't mind no shut up guys so basically i texted lauren gray this morning i asked her to hang out and she made the excuse that she had meetings today and she couldn't hang out but i don't believe it one day i think she's lying and that she doesn't want to hang out with me so we're here to spy on lauren gray we're gonna get you

lauren if we get caught it's your fault wait what this is your idea no it's not spiderman spiderman open up hey all those movements are not necessary [Music] he's [Music] [Laughter] all right lauren i am confronting you

right now i heard you we heard you talking crap on me i knew you were here the whole time wait wait cameras you're not slick wait what no oh this is embarrassing so i guess i pranked you but i really do have a meeting oh you do yeah so i have to like that's another one i think me and pierson are just gonna now we're like we look like weirdos so we're just gonna yeah till next time bye lauren okay guys so basically jeremy and katie are watching a movie right now in the theater and they didn't invite us right so now we're

going to spy on them right yeah exactly we bought disguises and we are going to spy on jeremy and katie so i looked into it and i found the exact movie at the exact time and i bought all the seats in the theater okay all right let's go you ready lexi we're so annoying you go get popcorn so we can throw it at them during the movie and then me and lexi are gonna head in right now okay okay okay we are in the theater right now let's see if we can find them [Music] all right so we are in our seats right

now and they are right behind us they're so cute they're like why are these people staring at us and why are like it's literally just us and them in the theater randall was working late last night yeah yeah like actually i definitely think they're on to us jeremy is walking up to mason right now no no no no what was what what do you got that was you guys the whole time hey jeremy bro get down here look who it is i was like who the heck's throwing popcorn at us right now bro all right so jeremy what have we

learned here today invite you guys in the movies is that what you want me to say exactly all right guys if this video gets 300 000 likes lexi and i are going to prank our mom no way 300 000 likes is not enough to prank me 500 000 all right fine all right guys you know what to do like it up this week's shout out goes to prem if you want to be next week's shout out just like this video and then comment down below done as many times as you can and i will see you guys next week adios amigos oh my gosh you guys are super pretty

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