For the next 100 hours I'm gonna be traveling the world in first class I spent over 60 000 to experience the most luxurious flight lounges airplane Suites and exclusive amenities available in the sky and make sure you stay until the end because the last Suite is the most expensive first class Suite to ever exist so we're starting our journey in Germany and this airline has its own first class terminal so they have their own security their own check-in desk and they even have a car to take you out to

the plane when it's time to board  this seed is really big each suite comes with a TV a remote control C controls and even a privacy screen for extra Comfort I literally ate so much I'm so full they gave me three appetizers two main courses honestly this is an amazing first class so they made my bed and this is a really comfy bed it's almost like my own little cubby if all the first classes are gonna have beds like this this challenge is not going to be a problem there's about eight hours left of the flight so I'm

gonna try and get some sleep and I'll see you in the morning I just slept for like six hours and it was one of the most comfortable sleeps I've ever had on the plane after landing in Singapore I had to run to the check-in desk for my next ticket to Mumbai and I was given access to the first class Lounge this Lounge has absolutely everything it's called the private room this menu has like that's embarrassing there's so many things on this menu and you can order whatever and it's all free I ordered

champagne and lobster bisque honestly after that 12 hour flight it's nice to kind of come here relax a little bit before the next flight cheers to hour 13. oh food's here so I had to eat my food quickly before my next flight but I was able to make one quick stop on the way to my gate this Singapore airport literally has everything including a butterfly garden there's butterflies everywhere check this one out  so right now we're boarding our second flight we're on our like 15 I think and I've actually been on this one before it's one of the biggest suites in the sky check this out this thing is so big so the reason why this Suite is so big is I actually bought two of them and I made it a double suite which means you can make a full twin bed when you're ready to go to sleep so we're about five minutes into the flight and they've already served us food the appetizer so now it's time to give you guys a little tour there's a chair right there chair right here two flat screen TVs one right

in front of you you can raise and lower the window shades right here this controls the seat you get an amenity kit which comes in a leather bag facial mist I don't know if you're supposed to put that much on so as you know you can get pretty dehydrated when traveling especially me I forget to drink water so basically I bring my air up bottle wherever I go when I travel because with Arab it's so easy to drink water let me tell you why because it said flavored water it's zero sugar is zero calories

you can choose different flavor pods to put on your bottle so I chose lime because who doesn't like lime to activate your flavor pod and you just pull up and sip and I'm literally drinking lime flavored water even though it's just water I would highly encourage you guys to get one of these especially if you have a hard time drinking water it's definitely enjoyable so if you're looking to stay hydrated for those long-haul flights use my voucher code first class for 20 off all orders so they gave us this menu and I'm

telling you this menu has everything and you can order as much as you want any time of the day they just keep on bringing out food I don't got a problem with that wow the main course oh my God am I like our like 18 right now it doesn't feel like it this literally feels like my bedroom they asked me if I wanted dessert I said yes and then they brought out three plates of dessert so wow all right so now I'm in the bathroom and this bathroom is the biggest airplane bathroom I have ever been on so right now I'm about to change

in my pajamas I'm gonna try and get some rest on this flight so the pajamas come in this little bag right here these are some of the comfiest pajamas I've ever been in and they gave me slippers to wear gotta use the facial Mist again that's nice we're 36 000 feet up in the air and I am sitting in a bed bigger than the one I have at home if I had a girlfriend she'd be right here this is so comfortable oh my God I can get used to this you know with this 100 hour challenge I'm gonna need to get some rest this

is perfect for that oh my gosh I am living the dream good morning  I'm here in this lounge and this Lounge has literally everything I have about six hours until my next flight and there's also free foot massages someone's about to be touching these nasty we're boarding the third flight right now I feel so bougie first class everyone first class this seat is crazy oh orange juice thank you so much if this is what it's like to be a millionaire I'm all for it it's definitely the details in this

Suite like they actually put a real plant inside that's nice each suite comes with a complimentary snack basket and also there's a shower on board 36 000 feet up in the air talking about crazy so I scheduled mine about an hour after takeoff and you get about 15 minutes to go and rinse off and change and do whatever you need to do in the bathroom and I am so excited thank you [Music] okay so I'm here at the lounge and let me tell you this Lounge has everything even a shoe Shiner which I feel like is

just kind of extra but hey first class extra is good sometimes I thought by the fourth and final flight I was gonna be really tired but I'm not that tired I think it's because I'm flying for squash we're like an hour like 70 right now like 75 or something I'm going strong all right it's gonna cut to me this is going to cut to me on the last flight this is definitely the best first class yet and I'll explain why this is a hotel room you have a massive flat screen TV and it's also touch screen if the TV

isn't big enough you have your own personal tablet right here and it is massive the tablet and the TV are not connected so you can watch a movie while playing games on the tablet literally there's so much leg room I could just chill down here honestly this is quite nice and they even gave me little slippers look this seat is so big and also it can do so many things like watch this here we go I'm on hour 82 right now of flying and I literally feel like I just started and I don't know if that's

because I'm flying in first class but it might be so out of all the sweets I would say this is the most private and that's because at this store goes all the way up to the ceiling and all the way to the grounds I literally could do anything in here and no one would know I could fart like watch this I feel so private okay so this menu is so big it's all a cart dining which means that you can order at any time during the flight oh they have caviar caviar if you didn't know is fish eggs and this is my bedtime
eating it and I still think it's gross trying to get used to it so let's give it a try lots of lemon so you can hide the fish taste too yeah the fact that you're eating fish eggs I definitely need some water after that much better I don't know why I keep eating cheers to the last first class flight with all this fancy food I feel like I should be dressed nice so I have an idea that is better the caveat okay I'm done with this so this control panel is one of the coolest things about this Suite you can control everything

including the color of the lights and even the floor and then you have all of these buttons right here why do you need all these buttons all right so here we have the main course this is the sea bass I honestly don't even know the worst part about this challenge after doing the full hundred hours I'm not gonna be able to fly first class anymore this is literally the best thing ever okay so they made my bed and I actually need some sleep because the last time I slept was probably like 24 hours ago so

I'm gonna get some rest I will see you guys when I wake up I'm just gonna sleep in the bow tie hello oh and guys people are saying that YouTube is not letting subscribers like the videos right now test it out see if it works if it does comment down below and let me know because that's messed up all right good night guys there's only 10 minutes left of this fight this is definitely by far the best first class I've ever been on also I got my air up if you guys want one of these use the link in my description

with the code first class to get 20 off your purchase trust me it is so easy to drink water with this you'll thank you later foreign

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