I Built a Survival Shelter in the middle of nowhere


 camping it may not be for me but recently I've been seeing YouTubers building survival shelters in the middle of nowhere and honestly it kind of made me want to try it but I knew I couldn't do it by myself so one by one my friend showed me their best survival skills all right next why are you wearing a tuxedo I thought we were auditioning to date your sister no get out but get out all right Ben show me your best survival skills well I can rub two sticks together and make a fire uh yeah oh yeah just get out okay just

check it out next what are you wearing I Was A Boy Scout for four years I've been training my whole life for this and I will not let you down okay okay sure you're in let's go at this point we had our survival team so we packed our bags took the next flight to Arkansas and borrowed three acres of land in the middle of nowhere from this guy who was a little creepy how's your guys doing we're trying to survive without any like resources basically except for a Drew here yo by the way I am an eagle scout good for you

is there anything that we should be like worried about out here I'd stay away from the creek the creek is really dangerous 1981 some kids went down there and got lost and they've never been found it was probably Bigfoot yeah I'm telling you right now Bigfoot is not real is he real he's real he's coming he's trying to scare him dude I did not get a good feeling this is crazy all right so right now we are walking through the forest like how dangerous could this really be not right what was that that didn't just no what

was that was literally a gunshot maybe that Hunter just shot Bigfoot he saved Our Lives okay that's one way to look at it yeah exactly I think this is our spot you think yeah it's perfect none of us knows what we're doing first of all we have somebody who's Afraid of the Dark and we have this wannabe Boy Scout all right well if something happens I know who I'm leaving behind so um Liv you can't be negative about the situation this is gonna be a lot of fun okay we're not gonna fight off Bigfoot if you keep

on talking like that okay I love you guys so much and we're gonna find wooden supplies for the shelter while you find food good luck what am I to find out here bro figure it out all right bye love Drew I don't think that tool is gonna cut down the trees that we need it will eventually I have a better idea hold on no way where'd you get that the guy it was in his garage crazy guy yeah oh my God no it was right next to his guns let's go oh it literally caught me holy crap are you okay we've literally been out here

for 10 minutes let's keep chopping down there we go let's go oh you broke the chainsaw that's part of the plan all right so we found some wood but there's one problem what we're lost Drew no if we passed this tree like four times according to my compass that way dude I thought you were a boy scout I Was A Boy Scout I'm not a Boy Scout anymore I'm a disappointment oh live all right so we have some wood yep live do we get food yes we did where is it it will be here any minute now what do you

mean what does that even mean what Liv you ordered pizza might be a little cold it took me a little while to get it really just hyped you I really I really appreciate it you can't just order pizza is this cheating because cheating tastes delicious here comes a train live you will not tempt us right through oh my God cheers all right let's get to building come on all right so we just finished the back wall of the shelter meanwhile Liv is no help well I made a spear for what if Bigfoot actually did come yeah bro what

and that spear is not going to kill him uh feel how sharp this is I'm questioning how sharp you are right now and we're about halfway done so we should probably keep working yeah get on it let's go why did we bring her because she's hot so right now we are getting close to being finished this is the front of the shelter right now we're just doing the final touches we're almost there all right so we officially finished the shelter I cannot believe wheat well actually I cannot believe Drew and I did

that look I made this little birdhouse but like does it help us survive no but it looks so cute I mean honestly it looks pretty good all right should we give them a tour I think we should all right so right here we have a front walkway leading up to the entrance of the shelter come on in welcome welcome you're right

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