Can You ESCAPE a Human Sized Glue Trap!?



Oh get me out of here this is the worst idea ever  all right so right now i'm here with sister james and my sister lexi hey guys hi sisters and we're gonna be doing a makeup challenge where both of you guys do my makeup on one side and i'll be the judge to decide who wins you guys have 10 minutes to do it timer starts now oh my gosh oh what the heck is going on he's literally against a professional oh my gosh this is for everything you how are you doing james i'm doing pretty good i think why do i lowkey look good
james is very talented if he can make someone like brent look good five minutes left we're halfway there oh whoa i look good close your eyes okay ow oh what the what did you just do i plucked your eyebrow hair this is supposed to be makeup and james is giving him a whole mess two minutes guys two minutes i don't even think i need the two minutes are you blind yeah 10 seconds i'm getting sprayed by water she's spraying something in my eye ow and time your time you're a bad model i would say i look pretty good i think

my side looks a little bit better though oh once again it must be really amazing living in the blind sister okay so we're gonna have andrew judge his opinion means the world yeah three two one oh my god you decide which side you like better i'm gonna have to go with the right side all right so that is actually james's side he rewinds when james said like his opinion matters at all all right so today we're gonna be surprising my friends with a big celebrity he's been in a ton of different movies please welcome dexter

the monkey what the and we're gonna be surprising all of my friends are you hungry i'm starving me too um hey before we go i want you to meet my friend he's a little bit of a celebrity oh really a little big shot yeah yeah he's been in um a few different movies two different tv shows have you ever seen the movie night of the museum yeah yeah you know the monkey monkey yeah dexter oh my god isn't he a joke oh my god this is dexter oh my oh my god that is the cutest little thing i've ever seen okay this is not

what i was expecting at all he's so cute isn't he adorable i just rewatched night at the museum did you actually yes  i think he likes you like oh my gosh what's up bro hey yeah yeah yeah i drape onto the shirt he looks good right and i love his little t-shirt right yeah he has better style than you what now that i have my wingman i think it's a perfect time to shoot my shot kirsten are you a banana because i find you appealing oh yeah same dexter sing like you don't know all right so dexter lexi does have

to go now so oh he's waving he kind of looks like jeremy huh alright so today we are playing try not to laugh the rules are simple if you laugh you lose so the person that laughs the least will win one thousand dollars all right so lexi's losing there's three doors for each of you guys to open and each room is designed to make you guys laugh are you ready i'm ready who wants to go first so the first store alexia you're going to open is the yellow door are you ready i'm ready all right so you laughed at the yellow

door are you gonna laugh at the red door no i'm not fine one two four okay i didn't laugh all right so lexi you survived the second door are you ready for the third door i'm ready okay here we go okay what do you think you're doing my is green out of the three doors okay let's see if andrew can do better all right so we switched the rooms with different things now are you ready i'm actually not gonna laugh you're not please sorry andrew but you did laugh at that door okay go ahead and open the blue

door how did you not laugh at that i just i don't know i just tried my best lexi you laughed at two andrew you only laughed at one which means that you win the thousand dollars gas prices have been really really high lately so we want to give back and go around town and pay for people's gas let's go i want to ask you if i can pay for your gas yes i'm with it god bless you guys we want to pay for your gas oh yeah yeah okay let's go  we're good to go this is really crazy thank you guys so much so can we pay for

your guests absolutely all right let's do it what i'm grateful for you guys are so sweet thank you so much of course the right place right time yeah exactly is there any way we can uh give your car some gas oh seriously yeah you want to give our car some gas mason oh he's been saving up gas all week actually we're gonna pay for your gas yeah seriously all right so today we are playing who can make it the farthest on the human glue trap all right so the person that makes it the farthest wins one thousand dollars

but it's not going to be easy glue traps are used on mice cockroaches and insects do i like cockroach to you i mean the traps include a sticky adhesive glue that literally can catch anything even a human and we're going to attempt to cross it all right so mason's going to show us how it works okay introducing the cockroach how do you even get that outfit all right so mason's going to show us how this works in real life as a cockroach oh my gosh it's free all right who wants to go first okay i guess bet it does not look that

hard mason was stuck i got it i got it all right i'm winning the money right now three two one go oh my god oh my god dude it stopped me in my track i can't honestly i thought i was gonna do way better that is so sticky i literally i was running i thought i was gonna keep going it stopped right where i was so ben you only made it that far terrible all right who's next what's your plan how are you gonna how are you gonna get farther than bad dude i'm strong i'm a strong man i'm gonna go right through

that glue so you're saying you're stronger than ben i'm stronger than the glue and bad oh ho wow we'll see about that buddy three two one go oh my gosh my shoes are stuck oh no dude i'm stuck on my shoe now oh my god he's stuck follow me i free no i got a cramp oh bro bro oh my gosh dude what the heck was that i thought that was gonna be easy actually yeah no all right so jeremy you passed ben let's go bang it okay so now it is drew's turn  oh no oh no oh his shoe fell off yo his shoe fell off

right here help him out guys help him out go oh throw his arm get me out of here this is the worst idea ever oh my god i'm never going back in that again okay so drew made it the farthest i have to beat drew because i don't want to give drew a thousand dollars three two one go here we go just so you know what a winner track looks like right here dude there's no way his shoes out socks all came off all right so this thousand dollars goes to me you guys suck uh all right see you guys later guys i'm gonna be

facetiming three subscribers every single week so if you want to enter all you have to do is like this video and then comment down below your instagram username and that's it i can't wait to facetime you guys but i'll see you guys next week adios amigos oh my god.

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