so we're in Tokyo Japan and for the next 100 hours we're gonna be forced to stay in some of the most unique capsa hotels Japan has to offer let's do it from robots that check you in to capsules that watch your sleep patterns there's even a sleeping pod that's hidden in a library okay so what is a capsule Hotel basically it's a really tiny hotel room that consists of just a bed and other weird things that you wouldn't find in a normal hotel room and we're supposed to spend 100 hours in it yeah dude right

and most of them are a lot cheaper than normal hotel rooms starting at just nine dollars do I have to go with you yes Drew why I don't want to do it and if you guys survive the full 100 hours in the capsule hotels I will surprise you with the coolest hotel in Japan see okay there's a reason to do that it was hour one so Pearson and I dragged Drew out of the normal hotel and it was time for us to check into our first capsule Hotel oh my oh my God I'm honestly actually kind of excited holy crap this looks like

something out of like a spaceship oh this is crazy right where is everyone we actually got here before check-in so no one has checked in yet only us so we're not gonna be alone no eventually people are going to come in here and fill up all of these pods and we're gonna have some new roommates Drew are you ready to see our pod our pod we don't get our own pods they were sold out they only had one bro we have to share this is great this is roomy so this is where we're spending our first tonight it literally smells

like dirty socks Drew bro those are yours I have somebody tell you we actually have our own pods dang it I wanted to cuddle oh god oh Kirsten you can only stay with me no that's okay don't give me those eyes really so when we checked in they gave us a bag full of amenity so let's see what's inside slippers slippers towels we have some uh PJs toothbrush after exploring more each capsule comes with a reading light a USB a concave shelf for your phone maybe and that's basically it this is the bathroom

like this is huge this is absolutely insane yeah I'm gonna take a shower you're just gonna take a shower right now oh how's your capsule it's good what is this oh that's why this is called the sleep lab it analyzes your sleeve and it's a thermographic camera so it basically senses like how loud you snore you toss and turn at night yeah it's always watching it you can see me yeah do I sleep naked what am I gonna do he's gonna see everything so before we get some sleep we met up with the gang and

decided to get dinner at a robot Cafe where the robots literally serve you food and entertain you while you eat what's going on what how's the time castle it's good so far it could be worse basically I made reservations at this robot Cafe you get served by robots and they also like entertain you I guess I think you just did this that you could leave your capsule what maybe my name is pepper it's nice to meet you pepper dude this is not real this robot is gonna be our waiter at this restaurant what

literally how Brent over here has a peanut allergy is that something that is cause for concern okay another allergy is a serious concern and should be taken into consideration you're in safe hands Brad this robot talks better than all of us so basically while we wait for our food the waiter can do a bunch of things you can have her dance play video games all right let's do it here we go [Music] that's coming right now look that's not our food shut up yeah we just grab it there we go this is so futuristic bye who's the lead that's

insane so what do you say we share the capsule so small there's no airflow in here I'll stay with you Brad Drew I don't want you to stay with me dude you just said that no I said I want Pearson to stay with me so Pearson left Drew and I to sleep for the night and I slept fairly well but I don't think Drew can say the same at all they're watching me the whole time no no I swear like the thing like there was like a red little blinking like they were recording we were 20 hours into the challenge and once we had

a full 100 hours in all capsule hotels my friends have surprised me with one of the craziest most insane hotel rooms in Tokyo but for now it was time to pack our stuff and head to the next capsule along the way we made a pit stop at a Japanese convenience store and this store has literally everything this is like an ice cream cone ready to go to go they're known for their extremely good food and snacks so believe it or not they sell gyozas at the 7-Eleven pork fried rice but there's also shrimp in here too and this was really good


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