50 Mystery Pools.. DONT Trust Fall into the Wrong One!



we're about to trust fall into 50 mystery pools filled with nasty stuff all right so today i have a very special surprise for you guys we're going to become zookeepers for an entire day are we getting paid yeah we get a job that's a very special surprise oh we look good you guys excited absolutely this is jay he's going to be our zookeeper guide for the day and basically he's going to show us i figured i'd start with a little stuff that's not little jay that's big okay just a heads up if you get bit it's
not our problem okay i'm gonna have my attorneys view this thing this is actually one of my more favorite animals he does it bro oh my gosh it's funny he actually took it this guy almost never takes it slow right now we have some alligators behind us that's it and we're about to feed them they're extremely dangerous they have all these big giant teeth you can see hanging out the side of their mouth yeah what's like the force of their bite 2 500 pounds per square inch so they literally cut
through bones break everything i mean it's not and why are we this close oh i think nick should go first all right oh my gosh here okay back here work at the gift shop come on oh my god oh my god oh my god come so guys right now pierce and i are going to try doing yoga yoga this is the first pose that pierce not going to couples and i are going to try i think we can do that okay let's do it is it hot in here guys he's taking off his shirt now oh i should not have had italian food before this do you think we can do it yeah i feel

like our legs are not gonna be like flexible i think we can you know okay sure fine oh okay all right so i'm going to be the girl and then pierce is going to be the guy i want to get down  so this is the next pose this is brent's favorite pose right here look up yoga poses kissing maybe yeah we're going to strain your legs frank get into yours we're doing it we're gonna try this but now we need everyone to try oh my god there's no way i'm gonna fall we're doing it wow all right so the next pose is going to

be this one my god oh really i think my uber's here so i just gotta we could do it all right all right so guys we're looking for 10 subscribers to be in the next video if you want to hang with us just like the video and comment down below done and you might win something special like an iphone oh i'm gonna like it then you're already in the video all right so right now we're about to trust fall into 50 mystery pools filled with nasty stuff so the pools consist of things like slime legos mouse traps whipped cream so

the only way to escape is to pick a safe pool there's only two of them two so if there's a green check mark in the pool that means you're good this is all luck well yeah i know okay so i think jeremy should go first jeremy what's your number i want to pick 46.

so jeremy put this blindfold on i'm freaking out right now oh are you ready jeremy three two one go take your blindfold off  you smell like rotten fish jeremy bro that is disgusting hey so better are you nervous now i'm so nervous i pick a number 22 go oh oh it's literally the first one oh my god it's brunch turn oh no i'm gonna pick number five all right let's get this over with oh of course brent to get this one what is it is it bad i would rethink your choices right now that's what you deserve so happy this is what you deserve oh my god this is so

fun all right so jeremy you're next what number i'll go for number 26. all right so jeremy are you scared yeah i'm scared that's a good one it's not bad right ben i think it's better than brent surprise bruh give me a towel oh my god oh my you literally look like you're wearing your shirt jeremy i basically am all right so ben you are up i'm going for number eight oh my god that does not smell good that is not go oh what is this my dirty socks okay my next number is going to be 34.

oh my god let me see how it tastes first that's disgusting hey it's really good all right so jeremy it's your turn i'm gonna go for number 40. one go that was terrible that was freezing ben you're up next number 35. oh my god that's probably the best one i could have fallen into yeah it feels nice right oh my gosh since it's my turn i think i'm gonna go with lucky number 36.

oh wait what is it why does it smell like that hey this is your favorite kind of food two one go fries hey there's so many we jeremy do you have your number i do what is it 10. oh crap what oh what is that ben what's your next number i'm going with 15. oh so bad the pool doesn't smell bad i smell bad that was not that steroid of all you might as well all right so guys i think i'm gonna go with number 32.

oh terrible oh that's the worst one yeah i changed my mind change your mind right now no i really think you should no come on i escaped so you two are the only ones that are playing now take me with you the good news is there's one more escape pool all right so jeremy it's your turn i'll pick number 29 go oh wow ouch bro that hurts so bad all my body weight was on that that hurts so bad all right so ben you're up next number 20.

oh hey be careful with this one bro after getting destroyed a hundred times i'm so glad i got this i'm gonna go for number three all right now give me a towel and give me some water since you're the only one left you officially lose no i'll owe us a thousand dollars wait what you didn't tell me that pay up buddy you didn't tell me that yeah do you remember in high school when we used to make vines during lunch of course we went to my spanish teacher's classroom and we just made vines that was eight years ago

did you know that i know it was a long time you know we both like liked making videos so i was like that was like what we had in common and that was like the start of all of this lee mason have been partners in crime for literally all this time and recently obviously we had like a little bit of like a break a few months ago we kind of rekindled you're on the same page and we started filming again no mason you bring so much light so much good energy i really appreciate everything that you've done you've

helped me so much in my life you know right now you don't have like the best like living situation right yeah kind of like homeless right now but like not really my mom doesn't want me to live with her because me and my mom don't get along me and my dad both agree that it's better that we don't live together either um i have a little present for you i want to give you a 25 000 check that's a lot of money brand
why because you've helped me a lot  this guy man dude dude that's a lot of money

you deserve it what the heck dude it helps me out a lot man if you were a girl i would kiss you right now i hope that helps mason i love you of course it does dude thanks for helping out  you

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