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 we spent over 50 000 on tons of apple products and we're gonna be giving them all away for free who's ready to visit the free apple store [Applause] so all of my friends think that the group house is haunted and that there's a ghost living in the attic there actually is so today we're going to prank them into thinking that there's a ghost living in the attic featuring sophie as the ghost this is creepy what are you what's behind you andrew oh my god what the hell is that of course it's sophie like who else

could do that yeah what the heck is i don't see what's behind you oh so us three gotten a little argument last night little my assistant is the best mine is the best no she is not all right so we're gonna find out who has the best assistant are you guys ready ready all right so this is bella she's my assistant and she's a lot like me a winner right well you know what maddie might be three feet tall but she is mighty okay well sierra over here is just better than all of you no assistants are supposed to bring their

bosses coffee as quickly as possible we set up this entire obstacle course and whoever can make it through the fastest while holding two cups of coffee wins two one go come on come on come on two one go go go go go go go oh oh you spilled the coffee all right bella you got this okay one go go come on come on [Music] okay so as youtubers we love crazy things right oh yeah you guys have one hour to find the most exotic animal possible go oh what oh matty what did you get i got a goldfish okay i got a bunny better than a goldfish that's not

bad a bunny bella is on her way right here she is now oh yeah i got a camel what bella congratulations can i please get off the camel now yeah i want to see how far you guys would go for the youtube clip so we have a bunch of punishments laid out right here three two one it's like kind of good though i'm sorry but if we don't win this you're fired that was so fun good job all right so bella you're up next i mean i feel like the only way to top it is to do literally everything right everything

all right bella i love you and i appreciate it honestly bella you deserve a raise bella you are the best assistant i could ever act bella you deserve this award congratulations doesn't this trophy make it all worth it is this it yeah oh i quit alright so this is drew ben's friend and drew said the other day that he could do crazier things than ben drew is this true i don't see a big middle thing on ben's head right now jay here is gonna add a bunch of insects into this tank basically see how many insects we can

get into the king mealworms they actually turn into beetles later after they devour flesh and anything they can get their mouth on those are oh my god they're inside your hair crawling around how you feeling right now drew i feel great this is the craziest thing i've ever seen in my entire life all right so we got crickets next oh my god oh my god oh my god they're jumping i have literally never seen so many bugs before drew do you want to keep going yeah okay if the big ones don't freak you out i brought the little maggoty

ones oh my god the small ones freaked me out how many worms is that just 10 000. so jay what's the last insect big huge oh these are the biggest cockroaches i've ever seen we gotta put one on your neck this is way too much gonna have to say you might be crazier than me she never admits that i so true you officially are crazier than fed all right so today we are opening the world's first free apple store we spent over 50 000 on tons of apple products and we're gonna be giving them all away for free

what are you doing can you help we have everything ipads imacs iphones literally everything you can find in apple store we have here and this all wouldn't be possible without my friends at cash app cash up is the easiest way to send spend and save your money you can send or request money from friends or family when they owe you money like when someone owes you 20 bucks still from last night bro it's 20 bucks pay it dude forget about it use the code rivera for 15 straight to your cash app cash app is available to anyone 13 years or

older download it right now in the apple store or the google play store and uh let's get this apple store going we i now welcome you to the apple store all right so you can pick anything you want from the apple store probably an iphone what color iphone would you like man i have rose gold please all right here is your new iphone so we had our first customer yeah okay so it's been about an hour and we've only had that one customer so far why well probably because people don't know where we live you know what i have

an idea follow me follow me oh my gosh i got a van because now we can go to people instead of people coming to us that's right who's ready to visit the free apple store we're gonna spin this wheel whatever it lands on that's

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