All right so we snuck into lexi's room and we stole a ton of our stuff and we put it inside this vending machine so lexi's gonna have to buy back all of her stuff sorry lexi she's been looking for her car keys all day and look be one to get her car keys no way of getting here she had to walk to the house what oh my god i was literally just complaining about this stole all of your stuff for my car key and my perfume and my brush wait i just have one question though why the hell do you have handcuffs in your room

those aren't the ones that were in my room funny now give me my stuff back no you have to buy it back lexie i'm not gonna buy my own stuff back does this make you happy yes sir b seven oh you went for your hat oh it got sucked oh my god it got stuck i have an idea where are you going wait drew wait what are you doing what's going on you broke my vending machine all right i'll see you guys later all right so ben i have a few questions for you if you answer it i'll give you 100 bucks if you don't drew's going to pull this lever

and it's going to launch you in the pool no yeah are you ready for your first question go for it all right let's go which out of the three girls is your least favorite you're really going to answer that question i'm not going to answer that bro well i guess that means oh my god ben next question better win some money who has the worst videos in the group you literally set me up for failure bro i can't answer that you can't you know what that means drew right come on not again i hate you for these questions

last question what is one thing you absolutely hate about me oh i can answer this one always picking me for these kinds of videos oh come on you did answer the question but you do get the hundred dollars and you also smell really bad and uh all right just just dunk up yeah no sorry all right so we got the squad and today we're going to be learning a new skill what is it cheerleading all right so are you guys ready to meet our instructors yeah they're actual cheerleaders i'm going home i'm going home we're

gonna need you to put these are you supposed to fit on this oh this is going to be a lot of fun are you all ready to get started yeah yeah all right guys let's warm up one two three five six seven i'm gonna pull muscle all right so what are we going to start off with just some easy tumbling oh cool i don't understand all right so who wants to go first oh that's way harder than it looks how do you do  wow

 oh oh my god i didn't know i could do that i don't know i just tried so now it's time for jump i don't think any of our legs can do that right ours is going to be a lot better than that all right so wait what's going to happen now we're just going to mix things up with some stunts oh whoa whoa whoa how how's that even possible okay so we're gonna try that then yeah yeah right there wait wait i can't go any higher oh my gosh now jump jump no i'm not ready i'm not ready i'm not

ready i'm not ready no we're not ready three i'm not ready oh i don't know if we're gonna be doing that one i'm done head out i think we're out thank you so much i'll see you later i'm gonna catch up with you guys so is there like another spot on the team maybe or yeah what are you doing i'm trying to join bro i'll meet you out there all right see you okay so drew what is it this time so i made some rocket skates basically rollerblades with fireworks attached to the end of it oh that sounds very safe

it's gonna be so cool trust me all right let's see what you got light me up oh my god that's one way to put out the fireworks it was pretty cool though right all right so guys if this video gets 352 000 likes i'm going to live with my ex-girlfriend ava for 24 hours oh my god this video shot goes to yolanda if you want to be next video shout out just comment down below done as many times as you can and we'll see you guys next week adios .

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