Yo this is not family friendly at all  okay so ben blew up my toilet and it literally doesn't even work anymore well we don't know it was him we know it was him all right so we have the security camera footage right here mason press play and there it is would you look at that that's ben right imagine how bad it smells up there so we are going to confront him about it but with a twist we set up an entire crime scene at my house with a news reporter fbi agents and even police officers in police cars

to help solve the case how do you feel about the stench going on in this household oh it's horrible it's really bad it's a really situation you know the toilet takes so much every day does not deserve this so where is ben did he flee the scene yeah it's still a toilet paper on his freaking foot so other than that he actually asks you a question uh can i get your number so now it is time to expose back oh why are there like four cop cars inside your house what happened why are you looking at me like i did something let's check

it out i didn't do anything all right what the what how are you feeling for one suspect in this case what do you mean what case i didn't do anything dude can you tell us where this stench is coming from the toilet that's on the ground we know that you destroyed my toilet finally he's getting caught for something like this witness to this crime oh yes i've been a witness for years look me in the eyes and say it wasn't you it wasn't me you're lying do you have video proof yeah i actually did

that on the back of your head what are you doing what are you doing back your head sure jeremy's just as guilty back no he did it to my twitter too are you serious oh my god how can you do that to us bail me out bail me out better not okay so me and mason have been selling ice cream for the past few weeks hasn't really been going that well because you know ice cream is expensive so we came up with this plan if you substitute the ice cream with something a lot cheaper like mashed potatoes our margins went

way up and we are going to be making so much more money dumb if you need to borrow money just say so aren't people going to know the difference between ice cream and mashed potatoes they look exactly the same how would they know it does look like ice cream all right wow this looks so official it is official brad this is a real business that's the mashed potatoes right there then that's our ice cream that's rent there you go thank you hope you enjoy it  oh yeah but you look so surprised guys i don't think they like it i just

got it like it's fresh it's not fresh thank you so much here's your ice cream that's what it is  it doesn't taste right what does it taste like it's mashed potatoes that's just horrible i think i'm wearing an apron i don't think your customers are that happy right now what kinds do you guys have just vanilla though how is it oh potatoes i made it potato all right so this is elena and she's a pool dancer you're enjoying that oh my gosh jason knows how to do this one

which makes it look so easy have you ever tried something like this andrew no you would stop whining yeah you have to all you guys are actually going to try this oh no let's put the outfits on are we going to get like wow what did i sign up for am i pole dancing or am i going to go play tennis who looks the best obviously the wiener is right here okay so ask pole dancers what should we do first we should start with the basics and steam forward okay yeah we got that here we go let's take it to the next level okay all

right let's do invert oh and then you are gonna bring your legs out we went from like level one to like level 40. yeah oh i think that was the best one so far bring that up so what's the last thing that we can learn we can learn a flag with your hand on top right then you're going to look up and you're going to hold it you know that doesn't seem that hard mason you you got this yeah i didn't i wasn't yeah who is the best out of all of us oh okay so right now pearson and i are

gonna be playing the touch my body challenge how this challenge works is we touch each other and we have to guess what body part we're touching like we always do we're not doing weird it's kind of weird that mason's just watching us in this room  okay ready yeah i'm ready oh my god what was that yo what the heck was that i feel like that was your hand i feel like you well you went like this yes that was my okay all right i'm gonna keep talking so i don't have to hear things what is going on right now

what the heck was that what is it is that wet is it wet right maybe was it your tongue was it your tongue is my tongue hairy was that hair what was it it was my armpit what the hell yeah it's wet because i'm sweating i'm nervous when i'm around you wait can i have at least three seconds on there oh that was your belly button my nose  what it's fine no wait wait hold on let me take my pants off no this is not poop yes it is taste it find out oh wait it tastes amazing it was just this oh

that even looks bad oh yo this is not family friendly at all was that your nipple no it was mason's nipple oh that felt nice yeah how do you feel  that was like a trampoline it's your food did i touch your boob wow if this video gets 400 000 likes pierce and i are going to play uh lick my body challenge that's actually a thing isn't it yeah it's a thing oh all right so drew if you make this shot i'm gonna give you a thousand dollars okay but if you miss it you have to lick ben's hairy armpit okay

okay the shot's not even that bad it's right there two that's gas money one oh dang it i missed wait what yo that's how it works wait what  if this video gets 350k likes you have to do the lick my body challenge with pearson yes like the video okay shout out goes to stevie if you want to be next out just comment down below done as many times as you can and we'll see you guys next week adios amigos  any last words before you go to jail you actually gonna bail him out absolutely not.

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