All right so dom we all know that you love magic i actually wanted to be a magician when i was a kid oh yeah you did it so who was your favorite magician for sure so i have a little surprise for you i have four tickets to see shin lim in vegas today you ready  getting to vegas we went to the magic show and let's just say dom had the time of his life he even got to go on stage and to end the night we had one more surprise for him yeah i'm down to uh hello dom nice to meet you again bro i'm so confused right now if i can

shake the card the ink travels to the car oh my god yeah i'm tearing the corner piece off if i can squish that corner hide it okay did you see that dome no no neither did i oh why that doesn't make sense it changes the corner can really go anywhere so let's see please don't do so oh no no no what's the phone doing over there shut up oh my god there is no way you're real how did it get over there that's my room service thank you wow can dom and as you saw put it in the complete middle of the deck

it's still right in the middle of the deck is this your card yes thank you so much you do love magic i sure do all right so we have some slime and a sign that says slime yourself get 200 let's hit the street all right let's go all right are you guys ready yes all right so there you guys thank you all right so today we're playing a game of who knows me better between you two oh i definitely know you better all

right so we have two trap doors that are over the pool if you get the question wrong the trap doors will open and you will fall into the pool alright so jeremy your first question is when is my birthday dude what the hell come on jeremy you guys know my birthday right what a fake friend i'm really bad with dates you have five seconds to answer five five four three february 25th my birthday is january 9th wow all right so ben it's your turn who is my celebrity crush i'm sorry ben but that is that's right oh my god let's go all

right so jeremy next question do i sleep on my back or my side wait wait wait let me actually think about that on your side on my side yep yeah that's right yes all right so ben next question what is my biggest insecurity i'm gonna end up rushing you there's so many answers your height so it's not my height it's actually the mole of my belly button no it's not what's wrong with you bro all right so jeremy you're up which aunt member do i love to prank the most i would say ben it's you

i'd love to prank you the most well i'm gonna remember that now okay so ben who is my best friend me no you're wrong it's doggy charlie we're no longer friends all right so i told my sister to flirt with andrew to see if he would flirt back but what she doesn't know is that i told andrew the same exact thing all right so lexi you're gonna be flirting with andrew and we're gonna see how he reacts to it oh my god you're gonna be flirting with lexi and we're going to see what happens

i already do that hopefully i can pull it off if you start flirting with him and he doesn't flirt back then what are you going to do stop i don't know try to go for a kiss or something so they're basically going to be flirting with each other and we're going to see what happens they're gonna make out all right so we're hiding downstairs in one of the rooms and we have a live feed so we can literally see exactly what happens  i was gonna ask if you wanted to like do something after it's like she's doing a

way better job to play broiler are you hungry we can go to play wherever you want i'm actually hungry maybe we could go somewhere else but you can maybe eat meat and stuff you don't like hot sauce though right i'm a little spicy  doesn't mean go shopping calm down they don't sell it in stores but i'm looking for someone like you you know  i just look like hella green today really yeah it might be like the green eye something they're like matches yeah it looks good the question is who's

gonna break first it's more like one-on-one time yeah it's more like private like more like like intimate you know yeah  do you ever like just lay down and like kind of just look at this look at the roof you just imagine there's like star stuff you never you've never done that like lay down like just imagine there's like stars and stuff there wasn't that way it's daytime he's gonna make him over here  you know like this but like on your own oh wait how'd you do that

what no you can't move your ass is this what you mean no you're cheating what are you that's the problem you're just like too good at everything you know what else i'm good at what you want a kiss all right who's it pranking me am i getting pranked no i'm like being serious what are you talking about like i'm seriously what probably not let's see oh yes then i told both of you guys to flirt with each other bro why should you complimenting me and then i was like there's no way he

had a hershey kiss under there i'm glad i got you guys i guess are you still trying to go after them yeah oh okay all right all right so guys ben are you okay i gotta go to the bathroom i'll be really bad i got really bad okay i'm gonna cause can i use this one yeah yeah you can get i gotta go i gotta go i'm like i am about to blow this bathroom up he blows up every bathroom he goes into i know you're gonna lay up the beans wait ben what are you doing oh my god he literally blew up i thought he was

gonna poo oh much better now so you might actually blow up the toilet oh yeah i did wait what is wrong with you you knew that what did you think i was gonna do all right so now that ben blew up the toilet you have to blow up that like button don't do it just like i did this week's shout out goes to lisa if you want to be next week out just comment down below done as many times as you can and we'll see you guys next time adios amigos this is better than a movie this is way better than a movie yeah.

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