This is not comfortable all right goodbye there you go okay  all right so we have a big picture of a donkey right here we're gonna play pin the tail on the donkey put the blindfold on and we're gonna spin you ten times one two three nine ten all right now try and pin the tail of the donkey further further wait is that thing what is that huh i'm running there's this isn't the one i'm like i don't even know what i'm supposed to say all right three four nine and ten feel really dizzy right
 what is that bro no there's something in front of me dude there is something in front of me that wasn't there i'm just so confused on how there's a donkey here two three and ten gotta get it right on the tail i can't feel the wall what is this this was not oh my god it's an actual donkey where did you get a donkey from brad i literally ran into i was like what is this yeah thank you yeah it looks just like the picture it is it's the one in the picture yeah yeah okay so andrew i don't know if you know
this but there are pictures of you on the internet going viral right now i'm talking like thousands of likes on these pictures your feet are going viral my feet online you're on tumblr and you're literally the first one under the category of famous male feet this is nice those are my feet so you've never searched andrew villa feet online in my life you should you're gonna be creeped out or have you considered being a foot model i should look at me bruh and it doesn't stop there oh my god how do they get a picture of
me my feet do look pretty nice bruh wait should we see him in person yeah can we oh my god what's up what's about to happen right now i'm on top of the stairs and i'm gonna end up down there hopefully on the canoe though all right yeah give me a push andrew oh that actually looks fun and i was so successful you guys are doubting me this is round two all right so drew i have a game for you i'll give you 500 right now but you have to spin the wheel of piercings shut up yeah nipple belly button yes what are
these you want the 500 bucks or yeah i do yeah oh no i i should probably should have done more thinking about this but it's okay are you dead that's the only one i didn't want it's gonna hurt so bad what do you think your parents are gonna think they're probably not gonna be excited to see it but i'll surprise him with it ready uh go oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god that is the most uncomfortable feeling i've ever had ah how did i get sucked into this to be honest it was worth it and now i have a
cool piercing i can finally say i got one right now we are playing last to leave the vending machine wins five thousand dollars ben which vending machine looks really nice for you to go into i'm thinking the middle one can i have this one yeah you can have that one you guys got the good snacks hey this is not comfortable all right goodbye i feel claustrophobic lexie how do you feel i'll be in here all day this wheel of challenges that we will be spinning all right lexi we're going to start with you all right drew spin it
hot chips in your vending machine there are hot chips grab them and eat one of them these are literally ghost pepper chips go ahead and take a bite how is it do you want to get out lexie no i can handle it okay ben are you ready to spin the wheel  pillow and blanket now he gets to take a nap i guess ben gets pillows and blankets let's go how is it so much more comfortable all right lexi are you ready to spin ice baths oh this is about to be a refrigerator how cold is it in there okay lexi it's your turn to spin again
oh no doggy charlie poof oh my gosh okay so lexi we're gonna put doggy charlie's poop inside your vending machine here we go i'm sorry about this lexi there you go lexie you are officially out what was i supposed to do stay in there with dog poop sour candy seven i don't wanna do this open it up and pour all of them in your mouth at one time what you don't want to get out do you okay all right so lexi it is your turn raw fish we have the raw fish oh my god it smells so fast staring at me all right so ben you're up
come on cricket oh round up all right so these are live crickets now it's time to pour them in oh no i already see them jumping oh my god oh my god the crickets are everywhere all right so ben you are officially out i smell like raw fish but yay all right lexie here you go it was almost worth it so if you've been subscribed for more than three months like this video i want to see how many loyal subscribers we have this week's shout out goes to alexa rivera what this week's shout out goes to lillian barron if you want to be next week's shout out just comment down as many times as you can and we'll see you guys next time why did you look that up in the first life.

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