last to leave the giant toilet wins ten thousand dollars all right so right now we're at great park ice and we are going to be figure skating this should be easy easy as ice pie okay who's wearing a dress you're me that's going to be wrong all right guys put these on see you out on oh my gosh i feel amazing i feel safe what do we have first box shop i got it the way my bubble wrap is set up i don't know if i can uh now i'm still down like you have to be olympic quality

this is way harder than i thought it would be so pierson what is your biggest fear flying you're really scared to fly i hate flying okay so i called my friends at the u.s air force what you're friends at the u.s air force yeah and uh they want to take you in a fighter jet tomorrow what you want to do no a fighter jet is not the same thing i'm not going rock paper scissors and you go rock paper scissors shoot [Music] you're going this is an f-16 it's just like the one that pierces going to be flying on today

and it's one of the fastest jets in the entire world absolutely not all right are you ready are you ready you ever get nervous just think about how i'm on the ground safe and sound oh i love that thing how you feeling i'm feeling good all right she's all in there she's ready to go [Music] that was definitely the most intense takeoff okay so she just landed she looks like she had a good time pearson how was it oh my god i'm doing anything you ever told me to do from now on really was that five i'm resigning from youtube

what are you talking about are you guys down to try some yoga right now i guess all right let's do it all right andrew and i are going to do some stretches to warm up really quick okay back wow oh all right so the first pose we have is this pose right here oh and then straighten your legs like see i can't turn around did you have me strain your legs oh the next all pose wait you knew exactly what you were doing with these poses no i didn't they didn't no they just just try you mean you can do it oh yeah i mean okay

awesome okay okay okay okay be careful oh my gosh oh all right oh you guys got it all right now just kiss now okay hi all right so right now i'm here with matthew what's up guys a few months ago i dm'd you and i asked you to build me a massive toilet and here we are the massive toilet this thing is literally so big oh my god everyone go subscribe to matthew link is in the description below all right guys open your eyes what the oh wow what a giant toilet definitely has to be for ben how would you build this we're doing

last to leave the giant toilet wins ten thousand dollars oh are you guys ready to get inside yeah let's do it this is a dream come true oh my god okay bro it's so cold [Music] i'm not doing that all right so it's been 30 minutes so far how do you guys feel it's great man i i've always wanted to do this all right well it's time to make things a little bit harder lexi oh no it's so much harder i have a challenge for you guys i'll be right back oh my gosh what are you guys doing

getting warm it is literally so cold in the toilet i'm sure this next thing is going to help i have some ice you are not going to see this i can't draw my legs are you sure you want to get out i am so positive lexi you missed out on 10 000 and i don't care all right so it's been about an hour and a half you guys are probably a little hungry so we have some food for you but only one person is gonna win it oh all right so you guys all have plungers you guys are gonna throw your plungers at this bullseye the first person to

make it gets food oh [Music] oh oh [Music] okay so jeremy you got it which means we brought you taco bell yo you gotta give me some spicy butt i might have released some terror in the toilet yeah all right so for this next challenge i want you to go inside the toilet basically just tell them nothing but pee bro that's so bad what are you doing wait why are you getting joining the challenge boys all right oh yeah what are you doing here bro it's toilet's really cold i came to warm it up he's peeing guys you're not bro

you're sitting in a tube bro it is kind of feeling a little warmer in here any of you guys want to get out now no no i'm just fine all right so drew you got the next challenge right i do yeah so you guys said it's cold but is it cold enough this is negative 320 degrees liquid nitrogen that's literally gonna burn our feet though like no way my legs are actually numb right now okay so it's been three hours so far now you guys have to go all the way in up to your neck oh my god oh my god oh my knees

i think the cold water is making them lose their mind it looks really cold in there no it like hurts now bro how does it feel horrible don't said he'd give me 500

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