so this is andrew's ex-girlfriend lily watch this yo let's walk around yo what the [ __ ] what the [ __ ] are you doing you guys ready to do some science no what exactly are we doing we're about to make elephant toothpaste in real life since when do you know how to do that watch a video on youtube learn a few things oh we're screwed yes jeremy what did you even get in science i know last year what exactly is gonna happen well we're gonna mix some stuff into some stuff and it's gonna go boom it does not feel safe

that's terrible well here's some of that good stuff just be really careful i'll burn off your hands jeremy you are scaring me let's be really careful now it's time to blow some stuff three two one oh let's go it worked i told you i know i'm so shocked that this works jeremy who's cleaning all this up well uh about that wait don't you get it will give you such a crick in the neck that's what i'm gonna be the genie the genie yeah why i'm gonna grant people's wishes all right so mason just got here

i'm a little worried oh no i'm scared wow are you a smurf a smurf he's a genie oh wait so if you're a genie you can grant any wish right yeah pretty much anything well i wish for a donut oh well i wish for a dozen dozen donuts jeremy you know what genies do right yeah they make wishes they know they grab people's wishes i wish to get a girlfriend oh i can't do that a more realistic wish i wish for a brand new car oh brand new car yeah you got it oh i think he's actually going to do it

he's going to grab you a car this is the worst genie ever we are so ungrateful oh my god what is that i'm a genie oh wow do i get three wishes yeah you can leave you can leave it you get one wish one wish probably just for a better brother wow boom no no no no no no no no then do you have a wish for the genie i wish people to stop making toilet jokes it's not funny that is a crappy wish and now i wish for you to leave you get one wish what is your wish i want a tall handsome fit blue-eyed boyfriends so i heard you were looking for a new

man oh my god i'm giving you my heart and my love this is not my wish well if a genie can't get me a boyfriend i really am screwed aren't i what are you doing after this oh okay my wish is that brent would finally make a move on pearson ah oh of course it is cindy let's just put this right here i wish this video would get 450 000 likes okay i can't do that but they could they can do that oh you know that's guys please make my wish come true get this video to 450 000 likes come on like the video all right so

right now it's 11 57. three minutes until your birthday three minutes three minutes until she is 23 years old i thought you're gonna say the wrong number no i've never seen it what is your like birthday wish to be happy to be world peace and an ipad well i didn't get you an ipad did you get me something i did get you a gift though oh 12.

it's your birthday happy birthday pearson thank you all right now let me go get your present okay okay no why are you dressed as a cop piercing you're under what are you doing my shirt what are you doing you ready for this no you're ready no no oh my god we're under arrest this is my present yeah do you like it i really like it oh okay um i don't really know where to go from here oh i know where where oh oh so this is andrew's ex-girlfriend lily he has no idea she's here we flew her down from texas this morning and uh

watch this yo what the [ __ ] what the [ __ ] are you doing are you serious bro just a prank bro don't do that [ __ ] no bro it's just a prank andrew no just kidding she is just an actress and today we're gonna be pranking my friends into thinking that i'm kissing andrew's ex-girlfriend would you actually do that i would never do that too right no but i would kiss you okay and you don't we flew someone down today from texas and we want to surprise you with her take off your blindfold do you remember lily how do you do

we were down from texas this morning she leaves yeah why you want to hang out with her more yeah that was like the past it was the past good because we'll kiss right now then what the [ __ ] bro don't do that dude that's what's up actually whatever you don't even care what if i did that to your ex it was just a prank andrew don't do that bro what the hell just happened i don't know i didn't think he'd care being serious i'm confused he's not happy at all okay all right

it's just a prank wait so this she's just an actress bro i thought this was for real no way wow i would never kiss your ex andrew really no no he wasn't if it was me well if it was you i would you can take off your blindfold what all right dude that's too much that's actually too much they're just praying bro i'm actually getting pissed don't like actually could we talk real quick like i'm serious oh my god it's just a prank it's a break on you it's on me was it awkward i mean

i suppose but what are you talking about what the [ __ ] what what that's funny what do you mean yeah yeah he was just it's just a prank andrew it's just it was just a prank it just wasn't it wasn't like yeah but it's actually mad i don't know i haven't seen him in so long you know what bro he can't be mad though yeah he's he's mad he can't be mad about that it's just a prank is he just a friend i was the one who got pranked here yeah are you kidding me i was like no way he's that upset about

this i was like yes you got me like why is he so mad hey guys so if you've watched my videos for a while you guys have probably noticed that mason and i haven't been really filming together nor have we been really hanging out in the past year mason was my right-hand man he was there for me whenever i needed him and for the past year we've kind of haven't been too close honestly i think it's time to have an open and honest conversation with mason and see if we can rebuild the friendship that we used to have okay

this is like a therapy session right now no no no no i think it's i think this is our first conversation our first real conversation yes in the last year where do i start um we were filming a video in a different city basically i got in trouble with the law i was behaving inappropriately we stopped working together you know the week after i think i mean we worked together for i think four sophomore year high school you are one of my best friends you've always had my back and you've always been so loyal to

me and you were there for me and i feel like i didn't show that when you needed it most you know and i wasn't a good friend dude after my car bro but that's it's not about that though it's about me being there for you after all those years of working together you know obviously like i i should have just been there for you as a friend you work really really hard at what you do i've always just enjoyed you know helping you i mean i was the one who screwed up you know maybe we could have handled things

differently but i've always felt like you were somebody who i was gonna work with for the rest of my life and what the future holds like i have no idea over time you know you see who's really there for you you've helped me so much so much you've helped me a lot too like dude nobody's giving me as many opportunities to do what we do like you literally changed my life you know whether we're filming or not you know i want to be your friend you know i want to be there for you yeah so i love you.

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