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 here is my debit card you can buy anything you want but there is a limit on this debit card 1 987 on shoes [Music] all right so guys we just heard like a noise come from downstairs it's literally just me and pierson in this house and i there's like literally no one in this house that's why i'm so confused it's one in the morning you have to do something about this okay i got the weapon a plunger yeah how is that gonna protect us wait where'd you get an axe from the dryer huh everyone keep their axes in

the dryer pearson i'm the man okay i'll go first with the axe okay oh okay hello we're gonna call the cop we're not messing around right now we have a weapon i think he's literally right on the corner one two three oh oh my god oh oh oh you killed santa i'm sorry what the hell are you guys doing it's christmas well we thought there was a burglar it's christmas trying to ruin it right now in the naughtiness with no gifts same with you brent this wasn't my fault santa yeah it was all her fault she was the one who's

the one who said that there was a burglar in the house she's hey stay on topic merry christmas i hope you enjoy it and see all right we're done thanks for being in the skit santa of course hey i gotta fly back though all right so there are rumors that our friend jeremy has a crush on my sister lexi they're not rumors they're definitely facts it's pretty obvious yeah like when you see them together like i don't know he just starts acting weird like i don't know like it's so obvious yeah he gets really

nervous okay so let's go confront him jeremy um we know you are hiding something is there anything you would like to say nah i think i'm good we know that you have a crush on my sister lexi what yeah it's pretty obvious how would you know that we can just tell by the way you guys act together you're always really nervous around her how am i nervous around your sister might be so defensive because i don't have a crush on her have you ever had a crush on my sister maybe like the first week i we met

what i'm gonna be honest haven't you asked her out then bro come on really what do you want me to ask her so when you first met my sister you were like oh wow she's cute but like you don't feel that at all anymore well no you're you're cute so you still think she's cute what so the future could be anything i can't be the one to answer that you had a crush on my sister you still think she's cute it kind of sounds like you just still have a crush on it alright so it's the holiday season which

means it's time to give my friends their christmas gifts but what they don't know is that the christmas gifts are actually bad christmas gifts let's get their reaction this is a pretty big box merry christmas birthday present yeah unwrap me notice how he gave me this present at night oh whoa whoa oh my god all right so for this next gift i think my sister's gonna kill me i know she doesn't like what's in this box oh my god lexi i have your christmas gift are you ready i don't know god oh my god

merry christmas to everyone except you and jay all right so ben's present is the christmas canon it's gonna shoot out whipped cream all over his face open it whenever [Music] holy exploded by a cannon all right that was the best gift ever all right andrew you ready for your present yes here's your gift a brand new macbook oh wait this is my laptop yeah i stole it did you like sneak into my house no i'm re-gifting it to you what all right so we're gonna surprise jeremy with his biggest fear some cockroaches

all right so jeremy are you ready for your present even though it's christmas i don't believe it it's good i promise are you sure yeah oh my god oh what the heck i thought they were fake at first he got a macbook can i get cockroaches no he just got his macbook returned to him so we're at a subscriber's house right now and he has no idea we're coming over we got in contact with his mom and we're about to surprise him let's do it hey [Laughter] this is ezra here is my debit card you

can buy anything you want but there is a limit on this debit card it can be anywhere from two thousand dollars to a hundred thousand dollars but if you go over the limit you have to return everything that you bought i'm up for the challenge so the limit on the card is twenty thousand dollars so we'll see what happens and this all wouldn't be possible without my friends at cash app cash app is the easiest way to send spend and save your money it comes with a debit card you can customize and cash app will laser print it and mail it to

you the debit card comes with boosts which are free discounts at places you love like starbucks now if you make an account using the code rivera and comment your cash tag which is your username i'll be personally sending 10 of you guys 500. you have 24 hours to do it so go and do it right now and uh let's get shopping isn't it sick this is so fancy like i'm in a dream right now all right we are here at target it's not every day get brett reviews debit cards what are you gonna get from target oh no

we're gonna just look around you want this bike yeah yeah okay let's put in the car i don't think it's gonna fit in the car can i just ride it do you need a helmet too it looks nice all right add it to the car so you want that yeah oh my god these headphones okay i want to get the new ipad what what is it oculus you want this yeah [Music] don't go over the limit okay i don't think he cares i don't think so either i had to return all of this that would be so sad all right your total

comes out to 3 168 do you think it's gonna go through hopefully all right we put in the card remove card now let's see did it go through yep yes thank you holy crap where do you want to go to next best buy we are at best buy how are you feeling right now i feel like i scared my heart is beating and i just really don't want to go over the limit i want this one what what is this it's a gaming monitor i want this how much is it one dollar what no it says it says a thousand dollars okay all right literally ezra is grabbing all

the gift cards these are 50s down here oh my god don't you want this new camera i never said i wanted that but i want one sorry lexie ezra doesn't want to buy you a camera i tried this is the moment of truth all right here we go 16 77-51 here we go did it go through yep yeah [Applause] i feel so excited i'm gonna flex on all my friends you can't flex yet oh yeah you might go over the limit ezra how is it going so far i'm so happy i'm subscribed guys i'm always looking for subscribers to be in videos just like

this all you have to do is like this video and then comment down below your instagram username and you can be in a video just like ezra all right so now we're going to buy some shoes are you ready yeah i like do you like those oh yeah these are the ones i wanted these are easy foam runners how much are they a 425 oh my gosh you want those yeah okay all right you like those yeah don't forget these right no you don't like these no are you sure let's start trying to get things from him why am i even here

ezra i can hear your heart beating from here at 1987.99 are you sure yeah all right we'll give him the card approved all righty how do you feel okay where are we going next gucci this is the purse for your mom ezra yeah you think she's gonna like it yeah 2 700. it worked it worked so it looks like your mom's getting a new gucci purse yeah so what do you want to do now for shopping because i feel like i'm really close to the limit and i have really good stuff going on all right so we are back at amp

and ezra you spent 9 500 on all this stuff how do you feel i feel happy but i feel sad for your bank account so do you want to know what the limit was yeah the limit was twenty thousand dollars you're kidding but you spent close to ten thousand you get to keep all of this congratulations ezra all right so we have ten thousand dollars left over what should we do with it i say we give it away to ten subscribers i agree so we're gonna give away a thousand dollars to ten subscribers all you have to do is like

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