Pierson i was born to go to prom with you oh my god this is crazy all right so ben and lexi yes we're gonna be playing a game of bluff okay okay now i know you guys are exes so this should be interesting all right so both of you guys have a box in front of you one of these boxes has 500 in it the other one has nothing so ben you're gonna open your box first now don't show lexi what's inside your box all right so ben tell me did you have the money no oh okay so if you want 500 if you want the 500 i
would swap you just gave it away i'm playing with your brain now it's your turn to decide so lexi you can either swap your box with ben or you can keep your box i'm gonna keep my box okay all right so open your box and show us what's inside oh my god ben open your bag in your face congratulations you are the best bluffer here let's go so my friend jeremy is obsessed with video games and he's even more obsessed with fortnite so i reached out to my friends at epic games in fortnite and
they decided to help hook it up basically we're gonna be surprising jeremy with thousands of dollars worth of gaming equipment if you haven't downloaded fortnite already now is the time with season six where you can tame your own animals and craft your own weapons i'll put a link to download it in the description below all right let's go and surprise them alright so jeremy i told fortnite how much you love the game yeah and they're helping me surprise you with something no way yeah all right let's do it all right
come on oh what in the world wait what that looks sick all yours buddy no it's not yes it is holy sh brand new pc a ps5 three monitors speakers a chair bro what dude i'm in love i'm in love is this real right now it's real all those animals right here yeah you got it oh yeah about to build me a primal pistol hey hey hey all right well i hope you enjoy your new setup thank you so much it's actually super dope thank you man all right so i'm here with the squad so i brought a friend of mine he's from las
vegas and um he's a knife thrower of course he is meet alfredo and his fiancee alex how dangerous is this like on a scale of one to ten eleven holy crap oh my god oh my god  all right so what do you want to do with me  this is what you were throwing at me oh my god i don't know oh my god
where's what is that it's a crossbow my god oh my god how are you still alive can i use your cell phone yeah okay and i'm gonna shoot backwards just like that wait what yes wow oh my god we're alive we saved the best for last oh my god all right so uh he convinced me to try this one all right here we go
so a couple weeks ago pearson mentioned that she had the worst prom ever apparently her boyfriend broke up with her at the prom and she went home crying so because it's prom season i wanted to do something super nice basically i am going to ask her to prom and then i'm going to surprise her with a dream problem with all of our friends she has no idea and i think this is going to mean a lot to her time for the promposal all right so you guys are going to be helping me ask pearson to prom she's going to be here in five minutes are you
guys ready let's do it all right let's go it's gonna be okay it's gonna be okay oh you got this yes pierson i was born to go to prom with you yeah we're going to prom all right so we are doing the final touches at the house right now we've spent literally eight hours decorating the entire place bro pearson's gonna love you for this one so pearson has arrived yeah and her mom so you didn't have the best prom right no it sucked it sucks this is going to be the best prom night
of your life really yeah this is my prom date here wait really yeah she asked me i didn't know that's so not even true we're going together as friends yeah wait do you have a prom date yeah i don't have a prom date all right all right so allen who's your prom date oh she should be here in a second oh my god all right so guys we have a party bus to take us to prom oh my god this is crazy welcome to prom piercing oh my god and look there's a kissing booth so what do you think pierce oh my god i'm in
love this is already the best prom i've ever had oh my god this is insane this is amazing literally crying oh my god no way yeah a dance floor this is better than my actual prom that i went to in high school all right are you guys ready for frog 20 40 all works so we're playing musical chairs and there's four people left right now jeremy is the champion of musical chairs all right kissing booth here we go oh yo jeremy hey stop messing with the
chicken hey hey break it up all right i learned not to mess with the chicken now all right guys so now it is time to announce the prom king and queen so all the votes are in and from king and queen goes to brent pierce  thank you all for voting for us i mean all right guys it is now time for the slow dance we're the single ladies best prom ever thank you so much all right so the night is coming to an end pearson how was your prom it was the best night of my life really literally better than your first prom
way better than my first product hey guys 500 000 likes and i will move in with pearson for a day i did not approve i know you didn't i know you don't do your dishes i don't the winner to the iphone goes to chloe if you want to be next week shout out just like this video and then comment down below done and i will see you guys next week.

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