All right so right now we're about to do a fashion show all right so all day today we styled out different outfits and we're gonna see which outfit is the best okay but who's the judge wait is it mason is it me hopefully so the judge today is going to be the one and only james charles who do you think is going to win i'm going to win uh-huh all right so first up is my sister lexi why is he eating the fire the inspiration behind this look is obviously fire i love fine i think i like his outfit better

why do you deserve such a good score because i'm paying him six hundred dollars an hour we're gonna start miss lexi rivera off with a seven we'll take it right yeah we'll see oh my god i think i'm gonna be sick i love flamingos and i know james i know your favorite color is pink that's one of my least favorite colors i'm going to go ahead and rate this look i think that we're going to go for mr brent rivera no way for the nine oh in your face flamingo winner is fred rivera

hey hey don't push me like that oh how did he miss that he literally he could have got that so easy i swear this is why hockey's the easiest sport i played hockey okay it's not as easy as it seems how hard can it be you just you're roller skating on ice and you hit a puck with a stick you can do it it doesn't look hard so what better way to show my friends that hockey isn't easy than to have professional nhl players challenge them to a game should i be worried that i'm wearing the most

like padding this is gonna be crazy i'm terrified please go easy on me wait how fast your guys shot at least no thank you is there any chance that this is going to kill me ready what in the world oh it's just target practice for me 
so how is he doing so far this is actually not too bad all right so now we're gonna try some body checking okay what does that mean what the frick went down a little easier than i thought nice job what just happened any advice for dogs to avoid that situation stay off the ice

that's some good advice honestly you know hockey is hard you're saying this was easy oh my whole body is just cooked right now all right so this staircase is 14 steps and drew here is going to jump over ben and mason why are we doing this on a skateboard i don't trust you the worst that could happen is i land on you and we fall down the stairs worst thing that can happen is we die to be honest i don't even want to watch this you better not land on me bro chill oh my god oh my god i'm not gonna lie that was a sketchy

run-up guys i was scared i'm kidding dude you got like an inch in my head i felt it i hope you got that i'm not doing it again oh well uh we're actually doing it one more time but we're adding three more people yeah we're just doing that i was here to to watch that no i will literally run away stop i see seriously oh my god i went way faster than i thought i didn't really get to see much why did you just try it because you would have died together all right so i'm here with some subscribers

so one of you is gonna walk away with a thousand dollars right now but you have to guess the color of my underwear and you have one channel say black okay pink okay blue so my underwear is actually pink so uh yeah here's a thousand dollars seriously oh my god yo congrats all right thank you you're welcome never had this much money alright so right now we're about to play don't sit on the wrong item all right so we have three chairs red yellow and blue and we're gonna put different items on each chair you guys

have to guess which chair you want to sit on and trust me guys it could be bad oh yeah i i could imagine there's also some good items like some money so is that the only good item yeah oh no all right so the first person to play is ben okay oh my god are you ready no why do i have to be first because i mean come on there's gonna be a cactus all right so ben you have three options what is your pick i mean they're all bad i'm wearing a red shirt i'm gonna go with red red okay why are you all

laughing no good choice three two one sit down  really the first one my mom's calling me i should go that was the worst choice ever actually put the blindfold on i don't want to do this all right so lexi you have three choices here none of them are good choices oh that's great red or yellow i don't know about that dude okay never mind i don't know how i was going lexi are you sure yeah all right three two one go oh my god i went everywhere what is wrong with you yeah that's what you get for

not warning me that i was about to sit on a cactus i literally can't feel my butt so cold really all right so now it's lexie's turn finally ben has thorns in his butt and lexie's soaking wet so you're gonna probably get something good then maybe no well you know to make things interesting no one's picked yellow yet that's for a reason three two one hot dogs they got violated by like six hot dogs i think i broke one all right for the first time ever brent's doing one of his challenges

i always do my job all right brandon so you know how it goes make a chair oh no oh can you guys give me some advice no you're gonna give me advice i think i want to go with blue okay all right pretty good i mean i guess i'm over here wait hold on my cake has cake on it the real question is does my cake taste good it does taste good yeah you're right all right so guys we're playing this game with three subscribers we'll fly you out all you have to do is like this video and comment down below done and you're

entered to win i don't know that's a good idea this week's shout out goes to julie and we'll see you guys next week [Music] this is coming for you man come on i'm about to start fight with this guy oh hey hey guys guys what are you doing.

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