all right so Mason is all dressed up to show us something what we're gonna do you're Brenda's we're gonna put this bad boy right here I'm gonna send into your pool this is a bad idea all right so today we're gonna pull one of the biggest price we've ever pulled on my friend Jeremy so basically this is my friend Jeremy and this is his apartment we told Jeremy he won a Home Makeover contest and we'll be over at your place by 2 to grab your house key and we should be done by 4:00 so fell for it

yeah so what he doesn't know is that we're behind it and we're gonna make it look like the company scammed him and stole everything out of his apartment this is so mean so we took everything out of his apartment until there was nothing like it is literally empty in here Jeremy are you excited I'm so excited to see what they got me too I don't know if they're done hey Jeremy you can you can open yes yeah she gave me this now you guys are rested on me I even took my tick tock Stan call the

number and call for you please 50 under pranking me like this is getting too far I'll play yeah they said I want to contest and they're gonna redo my own place you know these scams you so on our way to the Security office to report the stolen items I decided to let him know that it's a prank so Jeremy I know sadly now no I want to give you a high did I hate you guys no way okay so I am here with my mom hi and I'm gonna be asking my mom questions that you're too afraid to ask your mom oh great

where were you when you and dad decided to have me what do you mean like where was I conceived say a beautiful romantic Chalet yeah but to be honest with you I have no idea of rent Oh grace a lot mom did you ever know what I snuck out you snuck out you did not marry have you ever been arrested no absolutely not what was the worst crime you've ever committed like I said I don't maybe speeding did you ever party really hard when you were younger ah fine to answer no but I definitely didn't party hard but I can't say never

because so you are a party uh now if I was a girl what would my name be Lexi because what I wanted you to be a girl after Bryce hey guys it's like who is your favorite child now stop you know I'm not gonna answer that I mean I love you all how often do you talk about me when I'm not there a lot a lot a lot but they're good thing all right so where do babies come from you know what right if you do not know that by now you have a serious problem all right so mom final question okay are you ready I'm ready

did you save yourself for marriage like okay you interview ever what thanks mom for answering these awkward question our offer never again okay okay so today I'm here with Lexie hey guys and we are gonna be ding dong ditching of famous youtuber and take stalkers oh yeah so basically we have a baguette box that we like wrap so it looks like a present bread will be hiding in it and when they come outside I'm going to pop out of the box and scare them let's do it I'm excited all right so we were at Lauren Gray's house

right now time to ding dong ditcher I actually thought I had a package yeah we did well who's not expecting that all right so we are at the hype house right now letting dong ditch them okay they don't have a doorbell so we're gonna be knocking on the door oh my gosh I want you I swear Logan Paul's right now we're gonna ding dong ditch um this give me five [Music]

oh no bro oh you're my heart skipped a beat or two enough you swear on your channel beats me to prank dog Allen reached out to me about a week ago and he's like how can we help Alex with his junk food addiction he's not looking like much for me anymore he's been letting himself go like we want to help you what your junk food addiction so Alex I have an idea we're gonna go all day without eating junk and every time that you do eat junk food you're gonna get shocked cuz you're gonna have this

shock collar on so let's do a test run real quick now you know if you eat junk food that's the consequence that McDonald we have the McChicken my french fries just one you guys I said you can have a fry I didn't say that you weren't gonna get shocked when you eat this yo look how yummy our food looks though hmm so Alex thinks he's a really slick right now back there he's eating pretzels and drinking lemonade Alex we see yeah brent is going to dye his hair pink No five

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