She's one of the best 12 year old fighters in the world right now built the ultimate wedgie machine and Andrew is gonna give it a try and Lexi here is gonna decide Your Fate by competing in different challenges oh my God Lexi I swear to God oh  I didn't even think she was gonna make that shot honestly I didn't either all right so the next challenge is you have to make this bottle flip okay I gonna do this in my sleep all right here we go come on wow Lexi really so Drew you know what that means of course I do

oh my God okay okay that's enough how does it feel so good I think I'm gonna start not completing them on purpose because I love watching the Android all right actually so the next challenge is you have to drink this entire bottle of sprite without burping come on Lex let's go don't burp no no no I tried she burped you know what that means go do it I'm sorry Andrew all right Drew oh all right so Lexi we have one more challenge if you don't complete this Andrew goes to level extreme with his

wedgie you have to take this tablecloth without spilling any of the food who do you think I am what is Houdini we only pull it though like Fast come on Lexi two one oh Possible Oh my God no oh the underwear is literally ripping right now all right well Andrew we're gonna go get some dinner uh we'll see you later so my friend Jeremy loves to go to the gym for one reason to get girls yeah yeah basically and today we're gonna prank him with a cute girl she's gonna try and flirt with him but what he's not

gonna be expecting is we're gonna have our buff boyfriend come up to Jeremy and try and fight him yeah he's gonna be terrified oh very scared so we have the girl on the other line we can hear everything that she says and she can hear everything that we say this should be good so the prank was set all we needed to do was wait for them to come out and then cue the girl excuse me this is like really awkward and I usually never do this but I seen you walk in and I feel like you just looked really good and so I was wondering if like you ever

needed like a workout partner or if you wanted to help me stretch or something so can I get your snap or something or like maybe your number yeah oh yeah no yeah you look you look big like right here what's up bro you playing with my girlfriend no we were talking I was we weren't flirting oh yeah oh yeah I'm sure buddy you wouldn't go with someone for such Small Arms anyway bro I'm not looking for any trouble or anything I just walked out and I just come out of my car I see you flirt with my girls so I just wanna know

what the [ __ ] is going on oh my god well I'm sorry about that go [ __ ] yourself bro don't ever flirt with my girl dog my bad sorry bro all right so guys right now we're at Pearson's house she didn't have the best day today so we're gonna go in there and try and cheer her up hey Pearson what are you doing what are you watching you only watch High School Musical when you're really sad I heard you're having a bad day yeah I'm just tired well I brought some goodies you did uh-huh here

you go oh some flowers a teddy bear your favorite candy oh my God and more candy and I also have one more surprise okay so keep your eyes closed hold this camera okay open your eyes get out of bed come on let's kiss instead what is going on see what is going on I'm trying to cheer you up it's giving me nightmares you don't look good in this skirt if you can do anything right now to cheer you up what would you do I'd probably go to Disneyland really yeah then we should go Disneyland we're

going Disneyland we're going to we're going to Disneyland we're gonna see Mickey Mouse so we made it to Disney with an hour to spare Disney closes at 10 p.m let's do this thing come on we're gonna try and do as many things as we can okay all right so how you feeling now Pearson pretty good you had a good time yeah it was really fun but I think we're just missing one thing and what's that what oh what were you thinking I was thinking oh no I'm happy all right so as you guys know we have a world champion fighter

here to challenge you guys today I have to say you guys are gonna get your butts kicked are you guys ready to meet her her Zoe she's so sweet looking how old is she right I'm 12 years old what okay this is not what I thought I have a question for you are you ready to lose your second fight again you guys want to see what she can do yeah let's do it I'm terrified all right so before you guys fight her oh wait what we're gonna do a strength challenge to see who's stronger no we I've been hitting the gym

Jeremy works out every day does it look like he works out every day not really all right so right now we're gonna see who can do the most pull-ups this is gonna be easy yeah I'm ready and down one oh and down two pull off down three down Pull up oh Drew's out oh did I win yeah you won all right so now we're gonna find out which of the guys can take the most body shots from Zoey why did you whisper in her ear oh you'll see oh okay okay how was that that sounds great yeah that was a nice little punching bag

right I said Jeremy you got 10 punches nobody's being that who's next Drew ah I'm ready all right two one yeah how'd that feel I think I'm literally gonna be perfectly right here nice job  all right so Zoe what's this next challenge I am gonna have you guys break this piece of wood oh what easy enough oh my God who's first I'll go three two one oh oh my gosh bro I'm gonna need to go to the hospital after this I thought you were strong so now you guys are gonna go one on one

with Zoe here okay I'll go first I want you to go as hard as you can I can hear you I know Ready Set face oh come on drill oh I got hit so hard in the face hey nice hits which one of you guys wants to go next fat Jeremy Rock Paper Scissors Shoot yeah fight oh come on Ben come on so Zoe you've won two so far are you ready for Jeremy he's fighting the final boss now oh my God oh my gosh oh oh oh oh okay okay bro she was really fast how do you do it Zoey the kids is running a little yeah out the door yeah take it easy okay

I quit I quit knockout yeah we have a winner yeah the winner of all three rounds oh yeah I tried my best and it didn't work you call that trying you get in the rain all right so I have a challenge for you guys if you can like this video with your nose comment down below done as many times as you can I'm gonna be following a bunch of you guys that do that Mystic shout out goes to Lily and I will see you guys next week adios amigos fall

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