This Kid Has Super Human Strength!!


Today we're going to explode my friend Pierce's car up with elephant toothpaste well that's what she's gonna think that's because we bought an exact replica because we didn't actually want to destroy her car because we are good friends yeah we're good friends because this explosion is gonna be so big we have an actual scientist to help us out that's me no not you drew that's gonna be Scott hi guys what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take the potassium iodide and I'm gonna pour just do the experiment

already oh my god oh oh my God that was insane so it's basically gonna be like that but 30 times bigger dude's gonna kill us I know so while Scott prepared the experiment I wanted to prank my sister next but make sure you stay until the end to see what crazy prank we pull on my friends which almost backfires and gets the cops involved so I hired not one not five but 50 Mariachis follow around my little sister all day today oh you're insane we had so many Mariachi we even had to rent a full bus to transport them from place to place so

basically my little sister is having coffee right now with a friend and we're gonna sneak up on her with all 50 Mariachis are we supposed to sneak up on her with 50 Mariachi you know I didn't really think about that [Music] how did you like it that was great well you know what's even greater they're going to be following you around all day today we'll see you later Lexi see ya [Music] so while Lexi was making new friends we got word Pearson was coming out of the gym any minute hey Pearson how's it

going oh Follow Me This Way Pearson why yeah we have a special surprise oh your surprises are never good why why is my car here we are doing a little science experiment on your car a little this is huge oh [Music] now my car is completely ruined no it's not oh my God I have somebody to tell you this actually isn't your car your car is actually right here roller coaster of emotions so you're not mad at me well no I'm not mad so thankfully Pearson wasn't too mad about the prank but if this video gets 400 000

likes we'll do it 10 times bigger but in her house everyone liked the video now let's check back up with my little sister we hear them but we cannot find them anywhere oh wait so this way how's it going not well bro this is insane it's so loud I know oh my God I feel so bad for you I feel bad for myself while Lexi was doing anything she could do to get away from the Mariachi we were setting up for the next prank this is our superhuman kid Cato and these are his bullies we break a fire hydrant a

Lamppost and a motorcycle to prank strangers in the park which we'll be watching from our secret surveillance van and our hidden cameras all right Cato you ready let's do it everything's in place the actors are ready to go okay there's a lot of people right now so ready three two one cue the bullies cue the bullies hey idiot get out of our seat I'm just waiting for my Uber dude I said get out of our seat I wouldn't pull his backpack if I were you well guys I don't want any trouble

right where are you going good job oh my God they're so confused right now so come on everyone literally thinks he's like a superhuman round two round two okay let's see here I said get out of our seat look guys I don't want any problems right no no no oh my God let's go look at the yoga people they like left and shot they're like what is going on as funny as this prank was going we wanted to check back in with my sister so we tracked her location and she was at the movies [Music] I can't hear the movie tell them to go

home uh are you guys having a good time I'm tired of this and I want to quit how about this if you survive a full 24 hour then Drew and I will give you whatever is inside this Mystery Box I do want to know what's in the box so I'll stick it out let's go guys make sure she can't get away guys so while we see if she can last the full 24 hours we're pranking food delivery drivers with the weirdest scenarios they've ever seen before a secret science lab a prisoner escape with a SWAT team and an old man that

break dances a doordash driver number one hi you have food yeah is that my Chick-fil-A just uh oh no no no no no no no for the explosion sorry yeah hi it was just a prank yes yeah wait what did you think bye he's officially inside out here we go to help me you gotta get me out of here cue the cops cue the cops you got to help me okay oh my God don't let him take me don't let him take me I didn't do anything look at him he's so confused shoot the SWAT Team bro he's terrified look at his face

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