I ordered some of the weirdest most disgusting and dangerous items you can find on amazon all right so we followed pierce into a restaurant she's eating lunch inside with my sister we are going to tow her car and then replace it with an exact replica but much much smaller so this is my dad's friend greg he's a tow truck driver and today he's going to help us out you're getting her car right yeah permanent parking online plus you're doing business with me of course by pierson's car introducing

pearson's brand new car oh it looks great there's no way she'll notice no no way hey guys hello what's going on why are you here what do you mean by myself it's never good what did you do that's really cute but where's my actual car dude where is my car where is pearson's car well it's parked right there yeah and it still is parked right here what do you mean okay fred this was really funny but like where's my car i don't see it no i don't see it either oh look there's your car right there oh

shoot oh my god where did you even find a car that's the exact replica is mine target really yeah same color and everything today i want to play a game with you guys it's called guess the fart right what do you mean why everybody out of the car that's why we had to get chipotle before this  first of all describe the sound it was like wet i feel like it was dumb it was actually jeremy that was me bro there was no way that was real okay ready oh my god i think someone needs to check their pants right now

oh my god i rate it one through ten like worse being ten yeah okay then ten bro i feel like that was ben it was ben but it was also me my eyes are literally watering oh i actually don't want to do this what do you mean you don't want to do this what i think about it oh my god oh my god oh my god i'm killing it i'm feeling it too how are you doing up there go away you describe the sound all right so my sister lexi's birthday is this week and she's turning 21.

this is my baby sister i don't i'm not ready for her to grow up of course so i'm gonna throw the same birthday party i threw for her when she was only eight years old i invited all the kids in the neighborhood i got cake balloons pinatas it's gonna be lit it's going to be fun i'm excited for it it's going to be arranged let's do it hey lexi hello we have a little surprise for you oh really yeah so come this way  for these kids it's like my worst nightmare it's my 21st birthday not my

eighth well you're still my baby sister you guys ready to party it's a nightmare party's not over yet we have a special guest ready i guess princess jasmine you can come out happy birthday  i ordered some of the weirdest most disgusting and dangerous items you can find on amazon and today we are going to open all of them i don't even know what you could find on amazon that would be that bad oh you will kind of scare me let's go all right so pearson we have some amazon packages right here oh i

love amazon and we're about to open them i have to tell you though before these things should not be sold on amazon how bad could they be it's amazon oh it's so heavy oh what the heck oh it's a pregnant belly ew you can buy this off amazon you know how much this was pearson how much 400.

you bought this for 400 yeah oh how do you react around a pregnant woman you see a boy or a girl oh we're not sure yet i can hear her kicking i look like i had too many hamburgers i think all right all right so guys i got a crazy amazon package right here okay i didn't want to know it so these are things that shouldn't be sold on amazon oh money maker the magical money printing machine what this machine is going to turn this blank piece of paper into a dollar bill moment of truth and see if this works okay here we go yo

what yo wait no no no no no no no no no no oh my god no give me that oh my god oh my gosh what the hell going hard how long have you guys been doing this honestly like an hour 75 000 and counting all right so we have another package but i think this is the most dangerous one i purchased so far this was really expensive too it was like a thousand dollars why what is this yo these are like kangaroo jumpers still someone's gonna break their leg today you guys ready to give it a try oh yeah i'm lucky i'm ready they look so weird

don't they yeah do you know it's gonna make me taller so i'm a little excited oh my god looking short huh what's wrong bro you jump higher than i can let me get some cons oh i see why they don't want you to buy these on amazon so this next package is massive and what is this sandalwood that's real so on amazon this was the world's biggest sandwich the most pointless thing i've ever seen in my life it was like 200.

 bro what how is it rock solid don't fight with the sandwich oh my god oh that's pretty cool toilet paper shooter the reason why i want to try this is because it actually looks really fun right yeah yeah all right the moment of truth is this gonna work alright alright here we go drew are you ready i'm ready two one is this stuck where is it it's right there what is it no that hurts  why did we give jeremy this okay all right let me try it let me try let me uh let me try stop ow oh my god we got on

the lens this should not be sold on amazon by the way uh-oh what is it it's a little baby so apparently this is supposed to be a really realistic baby i had no idea they actually sold babies on amazon well that's where we got lexi oh really who's the father that's for me to know and you to find out oh what was that the baby said if you get 400 000 likes you can pierce enough to adopt a baby for the day what like it up how can i hold the baby of course okay this is rachel your daughter is a big

fan right she is obsessed with you really i'm sad does she have any idea that we're talking to you right now no i told her that i had to go to my car and i told her the pizza man knocks to answer the door oh wow i'm the pizza man this is great i heard she didn't have the best week the girls said she sucked in soccer and then she had someone call her fat he's not fat yeah i was just like he's just jealous because you're so gorgeous yeah i'm so nervous pizza  hi so we have a little present for you

do we have an ipad for you who is this your week wasn't that good no called me fat oh that is not true yeah that's that's mean of him thank you you're welcome you're a subscriber and you want us to come to your house to deliver a gift all you have to do is like this video comment your instagram username down below and that's it we will come to your house this week's shout out goes to rachel and we'll see you guys next week adios amigos .

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