Parenting is one of the most difficult tasks in the entire world where's my baby and today we're putting my friends through a series of challenges that will push each couple to their limit who will be crowned the best parent and win a dream vacation to the most romantic island in the world all right let's introduce the couples Brent and Pearson daddy Brent mommy Pearson I don't like that I didn't either okay it's Jeremy and who is that I have no idea Jerry where's your girl at I think we

got like a little mix up or something I'm sure Alexi was supposed to be on my team who is this girl well she was supposed to come and then she didn't think I was gonna be a good enough dad and now it is time for everybody's favorite couple Landrew you guys are going down before we get into the first challenge like this video if you're team Lantern comment down below at your team Pearson comment guys comment what about me you don't have a teammate bro team Jeremy come on let's go so the very

first challenge is the baby obstacle course see how this works is each couple is gonna have to change a baby's diaper dress them head to toe find the missing keys in the toy bucket put the baby in the car and drive through the Finish Line what and all of you guys are tired so you better do this quick only fair that the favorite couple goes first yeah I got the timer ready three two one go Hunter everywhere so yeah we're gonna go with this okay yeah I like that wait what oh wow that's a pretty cute outfit but you're wasting

time okay find the keys find the keys  Andrew doesn't even know how to drive go oh oh that's good after all of that they literally took two minutes and 44 seconds wait is your baby okay we don't even have the time we just have to make sure our baby's alive I'm doing this solo and I'm gonna do it better than that all right single day if you guys thought that was crazy wait until the end of the video where I'm giving you guys an actual child to take care of what a actual child oh hell no I'm not

going to do this again all right Jeremy in the door three two one go go go let's go the baby pooped all over you hurry up where's my baby dude the baby's right there he forgotten baby okay I got it right here come on Daddy Jeremy you got this we run the diapers falling off come on  yeah put the baby in the car seat here we go boom there we go [Applause] oh my God bro he killed it he killed that baby two minutes and 10 seconds that's pretty good oh yeah everybody's just hating on me because I did this as

a single dad I got the best time so far all right it's Brett and Pearson's turn three two one go go go go go go go go oh my God the diaper's not going on yeah dress that baby man come on come on come on the keys are you freaking getting ready  pull up the baby's okay what is our time your official time was 2 minutes and 47 seconds which is the longest time believe it or not the winner of this first challenge was literally Jeremy yeah at least we took good care of the baby but your baby looks traumatized in

that outfit all right well that was fun on to the next challenge come on everybody knows in order to be a good parent you have to know how to make your kid laugh so I have three judges and you guys gonna be attempting to make them laugh and whichever team makes the babies laugh the most wins wait this is unfair you just have to look at Jeremy's face and you laugh bro okay Andrew Lexi you're up first break a leg the judges don't look nice they're pretty intimidating out today hey judges so what are you guys gonna be doing

today here I have and here we have Andrews Underpants that's funny right I don't think I think that's funny are you guys ready for the biggest wedgie in the world oh my God laugh laugh do you guys think this is funny no no no no no I think they just want to see it go up here oh my God Andrew are you crying he's laughing oh he's laughing oh she's laughing you got two out of the three kids to laugh I think we should leave him here until that one laughs too I think Jeremy is up next John where's

Jeremy he's been getting ready for like 20 minutes right here oh my God I'm gonna win this challenge I'm not messing around [Music] Jeremy you guys might need these oh my God so you guys are laughing now though right no here is your instrument Pearson are you sure this is gonna make them laugh this is gonna make them laugh okay I hope you guys like Mexican food cause we've got itno okay you guys need to step it up just a little bit I think oh we have like two of them laughing oh my God should I do another one yeah

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