i'm gonna be spending five hundred thousand dollars on my sister lexi's 21st birthday here's the keys i love [Applause] it today is my sister lexi's actual birthday yeah let's celebrate drew what not yet she's not even here oh sorry so i wanted to do something really special it's her 21st birthday and she has been the best little sister any brother can ask for so today i'm going to be spending 500 000 on her birthday and she has no idea yeah drew what all right so lexi i wanted to

start off your birthday right we have 500 flowers for you no you're not what oh your toilet's pretty nice all right so lexi i have another surprise for you has it been pooping in my bathroom not quite i think it's i think it's better than that okay are you ready i'm ready  we got you this lamborghini lexi for your whole birthday week oh my gosh wow i love it the last thing i'll do is get in a lamborghini with lexi because lexi is a terrible driver that's not true these things are fast um yeah you're

gonna take a drive with me no i'm not get him okay i don't know how i got convinced into doing this slow down lexi lexi lexie slow down slow down okay this was the worst idea ever all right so lexi here is the next gift go ahead and open it oh my god get me scared why are you so so what'd you think of that present lexi i don't know about that one it's only fitting that lexi takes her first shot right here right now all right first shot here we go cheers all right okay oh wait what the what oh

 okay what are we doing here that is a surprise she has no idea but i got all the friends on a gigantic yacht to surprise her all right open your eyes in three two one happy birthday surprise happy birthday thank you oh my god there's rooms down here yep there's literally bedrooms in this yard yo andrew um okay let's get out of my room so andrew's the captain today oh what what oh i'm jumping i have my boat license all right guys you have your boat driver's license today we're going to recreate the

titanic all right all right who's ready to set sail selection 21 all right so we're gonna play a little game okay ben versus drew who can do the best flip off the boat wins a thousand dollars are you guys ready yeah three two one after a good time on the yacht it dropped us off right in front of lexi's favorite sushi restaurant we're gonna go around the table and say one nice thing about lexi i really like his sense of humor i really like your earrings you know oh my gosh her personality oh that she's in my videos

so are you guys ready to open some gifts yeah but little does she know this is all a prank earlier today we took a bunch of things from her room wrapped them and right now we're about to give them back to her you guys didn't have to get me anything wait did you really oh andrew you're next this one means a lot all right these are in my off white no it's like the collab without white and blue no it's not true this is my hairspray oh dior oh wow thank you so much for putting in the time to go to my home and steal myself

happy birthday to you what'd you wish for i can't tell you all right so guys right here in this briefcase is ten thousand dollars and it's all yours lexi but because you're 21 you have to gamble all of it i don't know about that red or black red or black let's go with black that's a lot of money hey it's lexi's money it's from your room all right so we leave first thing tomorrow morning so first thing the next morning we packed our stuff went straight to the airport and oh i forgot to tell lexi we

got a private jet to take us to vegas you guys ready yeah who's excited next stop in vegas i can't believe we're doing this i know ten thousand what if we lose shut up and i had another surprise for lexi the hotel room we were staying at is one of the most expensive hotel rooms in las vegas all right so we just made it to our room oh my god oh my god oh my god that'll be everything we could ask for washi machine oh that's the coolest thing i've ever seen i think it's just a little

unnecessary hey oh my god so my name is nolan i'm one of those butlers here in the skyline say if drew wants like grapes you guys can just like get grapes just like that absolutely perfect it's amazing guys i'm not leaving the room let's just not leave the room that's not everything we need here there's two living rooms and there's an upstairs too oh my god oh and this is the master bedroom this doesn't even look like a hotel room this looks like a house i've never seen so this is the spa

okay so the crazy part about the suite is you can order and get whatever you want if we want a popcorn machine to go with the slushie machine like watch this okay thank you so much the popcorn machine will be up in 10 minutes so lexie in case the slushie machine isn't enough there's something else that they they're bringing to the room we don't need anything else in here a blouse right here  i guess you can't have popcorn without slushies right what can make us more special lexi literally nothing oh and

look there's andrew meet our butler this right here it's nolan you like a slushie yeah let me get a strawberry welcome to the sweet there's a popcorn machine what it has a built-in sauna this is what holy crap what that tv i heard this room goes for over 25 000 a night a night but mgm gifted this to us so uh it's all free best birthday ever right lexi lexi you're about to bet ten thousand dollars am i do i have to like if we win that 10k just imagine how excited we would be gonna lose it i'm actually

gonna like make out with you but wait what happens like if we don't win bro okay so this is how the game works there's red and there's black lexi's betting black if it hits black we double the 10 000. if it hits red we lose everything are you guys ready yeah yeah do it lexie ready
what do you think we should do now guys best birthday ever thank you brent of

course like this video to wish lexi happy birthday and if this video gets 400 000 likes i'll spend a million dollars on brent's birthday wait actually actually guys like the video up like it up look it up have you somebody goes .

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