I am surprising lexi with 100 dates in 24 hours all of you guys can leave oh my god lexi i am still in love with you hey lexi thanks for coming what's going on you know how lexi you know you're really lonely and it's hard for you to find a guy to date no well we do yeah so this is my sister lexi she ended things with her boyfriend ben a couple years ago i feel bad because i kind of feel responsible for the breakup but let's just say the broom days are over and today i am surprising lexi with 100

dates in 24 hours can i compete true sorry that was stupid so i searched the nation to find the best possible guys to compete for my sister's love but it wasn't easy the interview process was rigorous all right so what's your favorite thing about my sister honestly i'm not even trying to get to know her i just want to have a good time if you know what i mean get the hell out of here okay next yo jeremy no jeremy i know that's you ow i heard about your little thing i think your sister's hot after weeks of

scouting i had my final 100 guys and now it's time to surprise my sister you're gonna open your eyes on three okay one two three right now we have 100 guys here and one of these guys could possibly be your future boyfriend um okay are you ready i guess let's do it yeah who here plays minecraft all of you guys can leave who here thinks i'm pretty good he was a little late i got shot we'll keep him for now okay i have another question who here has cheated on their girlfriend you guys can go ahead and leave

i was drunk it doesn't count why would you admit to that okay so i can't date anyone that's shorter than me so if you're five one and under can you raise your hand all right what do you say we finish this tomorrow okay we will see all you guys tomorrow morning okay [Applause] all right so lexi right here we have the top 30 guys they're gonna say a pickup line if you like the pickup line you'll press the green button and they'll move on if you don't like it you'll press the red

button and they'll be dunked in the freezing cold water and eliminated you guys ready yeah so i never believed in love at first sight but that was before i saw you lexi wow do you have an extra heart because mine just got stolen wow are you parents artists by chance no they're not oh cause you're definitely a masterpiece they're all like pretty good yes hey my name is ben yes nice to meet you ben i don't like ben's and if you were a vegetable you'd be a cucumber okay that was pretty good

i would never play hide and seek with you because a girl like you was hard to find oh i may be an organ donor but i'll always give you my heart yeah do you believe in love at first sight or should i like walk on by again honestly i i don't even know why i'm here we all know who you're gonna come home to at the end of the day all right yeah i'd like to have my first date ever with a pretty girl like you you've never been on a date before well it's not gonna be with me oh did you just fart because you're blowing

me away i like my bed but i'd rather be in yours oh what i'll do the honors on this one no no if you were a booger i'd pick you first okay now your parking ticket because you got fine written all over you oh all right so you guys are the top 12. you're probably wondering why we're at a church right what's going on lexi is getting married today and you guys have to object the only thing is that six of you are not moving on past this challenge realize their hopes lexi i am still in love with you i

respect this gentleman but it should be i who is up there it's like the 1800s he's like it is high responsibility and knowledge i have jack excuse me kind sir it's the moment i laid eyes on you three hours ago i knew you're the one okay that was really good  lexi ever since last night i can't stop thinking about you i know i think you're the one for me you said you think she's the one no i know i know you're the one stop i object oh when i told you i can't be with you unless you fix your drinking problem yes

you know stop get him out of here get him out of here you got to stop this wedding right here i'm really about you and i really want you i'm jet i'm jacked it's just a terrible mistake when i met you 18 hours ago nine minutes and 30 seconds i knew i fell in love you're the one for me lexi um okay get back here i could be your sugar daddy i swear i'll buy you anything you want diamonds and pearls i pick you good job guys so after all the objections it was finally time for lexi to pick her final

six are you ready i'm ready all right for the guys that you want to send home you will give them one of my brooms oh man muhammad  well then you go out with hobby okay dylan it was nice meeting you matt thank you thank you ollie i'm the superior so lexi this is your final six guys how do you guys feel great the exciting thing is is now we are going on a yacht would you look at that all right we're down to the final six and we're on a boat so i'm excited to get to know you guys so let's do it

so right now we are on the yacht and lexi is talking to bobby cheers to top sticks okay they look like they're hitting it off what are you doing if he tries to make a move i am going down there and i am splitting it up what do you like to do for fun go fishing all the time i've been fishing once i didn't catch anything got any like siblings right there i have three older brothers one of them is here and i feel like he's flying on us where is he 100 sure he's right up there i feel like we shouldn't be spying

on them but it feels so right at the same time yeah we should let's go have a second nice talking i think jeremy is stealing her from him i feel like we've really connected during this whole journey i think i'm gonna go down there right now i'm doing it how's it going guys we're having a serious talk wait actually yeah we really weren't yeah we weren't so i had a question for you what makes lexi lexie work because i don't know what i do without it so right now she's talking to

kyle i wonder how it's going well from what i'm seeing it's looking like it's not going there there's not much talking i actually did have a game i wanted to play with you oh man okay nice work kyle very flirtatious what's the perfect day look like to you like no maybe i'll say like a boat day miss lexi can i steal you it's nice talking time it looks like that mitch is stealing lexi from cats it's just like in his natural habitat like a grape i would love a grape i have a thing where i don't mess

you can make anyone fall in love with them i feel like i don't know if i like that maybe you should go supervised hey guys hey what up last question i got describe to me your dream boyfriend husband what's he look like how's he at doesn't carry himself well he has to be funny all right so you're out i don't think we've met one on one yet but i'm molly nice to meet you i loved your performance at the church oh thank you i appreciate it oliver's like a sweet talker it feels like it

seems like the nice guy you know no i like nice guys yeah our voyage came to an end and it was time for lexi to eliminate three more guys this is really sad i enjoyed talking to each and every one of you starting off strong jeremy and it was a good run okay next is kyle oh all right lexi you have one more broom to give out cause that's not coming so you guys are the final three let's go now we are going to move on to a nice dinner date you guys are just gonna eat some dinner and um talk with lexi okay

so the guys think that this is just a normal dinner but what they don't know is that i'm putting them in a crazy awkward situation from crazy exes to meeting my mom and dad to even a robber coming into the house we're gonna see how they do all right so we have a live feed right now we're watching it in real time the first scenario is the crazy x i actually like vinegar more than olive oil like  oh my gosh he's doing a good job mitch is doing a good job i would be terrified you're kidding you have nothing to say

nothing to say at all oh you got a body guard now come on this is ridiculous bobby scenario is he has to meet my parents oh thank you very gentlemanlike that is good you like cars yeah we'll get to that  well done what'd you guys think of bobby well i love bobby i don't know dad doesn't like anybody all right so for oliver we have a robber coming into the house oliver is a pretty nice guy but we have to make sure he can protect my sister in a scenario like this so going into this like did you

think you were gonna be in the final three i knew at least the top three um  oliver oliver get in there are you on the floor give me all your money right now let's go outside come on hand me the bat lexie how did oliver do you did pretty good you think so yeah yeah i mean i would have been dead actually you have one broom to give out the broom means that you have to go home i'm gonna have to give this broom to oliver no oh no all right so the next thing that you guys are gonna do is you guys are gonna

take lexie on a one-on-one date just you and her all right mitch your date is up first okay you excited you ready oh my god you got a limo this is how you treat a queen oh my gosh this video gets 500 000 likes i'll set brett up with a hundred girls today oh smash that like button come on guys please shut up please i need it we're at the beach right now mitch what what exactly do you have planned give me about 30 seconds for me to show you how did you set this up so fast i told you i'm a man full of surprises for the

best oh my gosh a very important message that i want to tell you but i don't want to hear from my voice i want you to just look up in the sky and tell me what you see oh my god it says lexi i'm in love with you i've known you for like two hours you know watching them have fun together at first i thought mitch was a little crazy yeah look at him doing all this cool stuff for lexi i mean he seems like a good guy how was it it was a lot of fun do you have another date so you actually have to head there right now he

has it all set up we still doing that or i think i have to oh she does have to go on the other date unfortunately i had to get you a little something keep it casual very sweet how was your other day was it cool it was good yeah we went to the beach oh yeah you did not yo this is literally the cutest thing ever literally a drive-in movie we're gonna get out of your hair you guys enjoy all right so right now we're hiding watching them on their date this is literally the cutest thing ever this is sincere you know it's from the heart

it's cute yeah i chose you to be in well the final two now yeah we had a little connection yeah did you do it did you feel that too of course he likes that i think so too i think he likes them a lot like what do you look for when you're on a date probably just someone like mitchell wow what about you i'm looking at her right now oh really i told that oh well i like you even more now there's no way we gave her a hershey kiss if they end up kissing i'm gonna go down there and literally hit the guy with the

broom what's the point of the movie being on if you guys are gonna talk the whole time i thought you were leaving after both dates it was time for lexi to make her final decision here's the broom you're gonna give the broom to the person that goes home this is it this is the moment you've all been waiting for obviously i like the both of you because you are in my final two but i do have to give away a broom and that is going to go to mitch purple out of a hundred guys you are the last guy standing i can't believe it

all right so now you're gonna take her on another date yeah for sure yeah 500 000 likes and lexi's going to surprise me with 100 girls today in 24 hours that's true smash that like button like it up he's desperate this week's shout out goes to victor and we'll see you guys next week adios amigos .

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