all right so right now we are doing the last to leave with the water chamber oh all right let's fill it up so now the water is going up to this line oh my god it's like up to my neck right now i'm not getting down i'm wearing this sunday i'm taking my last breath so sydney wants to learn how to become a youtuber so today we're going to show her what it takes yes and i'm excited to learn from the best too oh you didn't have to sydney no i was talking about lexi oh she's right right so sydney the

first thing of being a youtuber is you have to expect the unexpected this is not off to a good start did you expect that at all no brain no not at all there's another thing you have to learn of being a youtuber you have to face your fear put this blindfold on why do i get myself into this stuff every time i put a blindfold on i know something's bad's gonna happen no lexi it's not bad right get it off of me you just put a snake on me and it wasn't that bad right i don't want to be a youtuber anymore so

youtubers love to embarrass themselves so sydney because you want to be a youtuber you're going to embarrass yourself today with this chicken costume absolutely not brent have you ever ran around in a chicken costume before that's what i thought so we're at a mall right now and you're just going to balk like a chicken oh okay this isn't embarrassing at all oh my god this is so fun all right so sydney you are officially a youtuber not yet i'm giving away this brand new ipad so if you want to enter go subscribe to

my channel link in the description now you're on youtube everyone go subscribe to our channel go go go what are we gonna do tonight i feel like there's like not a whole lot to do we could maybe watch a movie yeah i feel like we're gonna fall asleep yeah is there any other games that we can play oh oh i i have one actually so it's called guest the foot you put on a blindfold someone's foot comes at you and you have to guess whose foot it is it's fun this guy is a foot fetish yeah you just

worked out before this right yeah right before that all right so dom you're blindfolded right i am blindfolded everyone point to the person that we should do okay three two one oh my god is it here bro oh dude what the did you take a sniff yeah dude it smells like fritos i hate to say it but like i think i need another tribe okay pick a big sniff okay oh my god that's jeremy yes it was jeremy smelled like like a locker room bro piercing yes yes please don't do jeremy i smelled it from a mile away oh my god i'm so scared

is it here no not yet we'll tell you when okay sniff so bad it was in bed no it was andrew i just felt like you literally took a sh in your shoe okay so jeremy you're next all right now sniff oh my god i guess he's what it was that's ben's it was actually all three of the guys all right so we have an obstacle course right behind us and drew is going to attempt to go through the entire thing so you have to get through a slip and slide football players and mouse traps to win a thousand dollars oh while we're

throwing a bunch of items at you i got tomatoes good luck thanks are you ready drew are you ready guys three two one go oh that was the hardest thing i've ever done in my life you're a thousand dollars richer it's a good way to make a thousand dollars i'll take it all right so right now i'm going to prank my family into thinking that pearson is sending me dirty text messages pearson would never send anything like this really sure okay so mom i'm going to ask you a few questions try and answer them to the

best of your ability okay oh pearson texted me pearson said i bought a new vibrator hoping it would feel like you would you like to reply oh stop there's no no no need to reply wow why would she say that because you probably are pranking me basically i'm just going to ask you a few questions and then you'll just answer them to the best of your belly okay okay pearson texted me harrison said hey brent are you hungry want to get chipotle or you can just eat my house again would you like to reply why would pearson say that well this is

awkward i'll say so lexi i'm going to ask you a few questions answer it to the best of your ability they might be easy to answer oh pearson texted me harrison said did you shave your pubes because i don't want any in my mouth again would you like to reply this is awkward that's good that's good for me now frank or not i'm disgusted all right so right now we are doing the last to leave the water chamber oh basically i'm gonna ask you guys a series of questions if you can't answer

it or you get the question wrong your water will rise until you're fully submerged and have to quit yeah literally no no no there's a hole at the top you should be fine the last one in their chamber wins ten thousand dollars as you guys can see the water is already filled up one level there's only three more levels to go until you're fully submerged that doesn't give me a lot of chances here all right so now that all you guys are in the chamber are you ready for the questions it seems to me like you guys are ready

who wants to go first so dom your question is when is your anniversary with your girlfriend sophie oh my god why would you ask me this it's october 11th wrong it's november 11th how do you not know your own anniversary all right let's fill it up oh it feels so bad all right so jeremy you're next what date is america's independence day if you don't answer it the water's filling up all right give me a hint no february 26th it's july 4th oh all right so ben your next your question

is who makes better youtube videos tom or jeremy they're both here correct answer no i mean you either answer or you don't honestly don't wow did you answer the question your water stays the same yes make this one easy please this should be really really easy when is my birthday what september 19th it's january 9th dom so now the water is going up to this line all right so jeremy your next question who was the last girl you hooked up with first and last name i'm passing this one your water fills up

to here brah come on all right so ben you're up next all right so far your water is pretty low the question is who is the worst in the group to film with what are these questions jeremy because he's freaking takes like seven hours to film a video and you take seven hours to film videos then you answer the question which means your water stays exactly the same yeah you're giving them the easiest question all right so dom your question is who was the worst youtuber you've collabed with probably jeremy yeah

all right so jeremy you're up all right hey you better give me a question like that what's your body count i'm probably not gonna answer that these russians are so private your water's gonna rise all the way to the top now oh my god i can't stand here how you feeling jeremy i don't feel good it's like up to my neck right now you know what that means right the only way you're gonna win this is if you drown okay i might need to get out oh my god all right so now that jeremy's out

there's two people remaining all right so ben you're next which girl in the group has the worst style i'm not gonna answer that you're not gonna answer it no all right well you know what that means we're filling up your water to level two are you ready for your next question if i don't get this right i'm literally gonna end up like jeremy your question is what's one thing you hate about sophie what that's not a fair question i cannot answer that so because dom didn't answer

that question the water will fill up all the way to the top which means he kind of has to get out tom how you feeling dude it's filling up really fast hold my breath until i win okay i'm taking my last breath i can do it i can do it i'm getting out are you out i'm getting out all right all right so both dom and jeremy are out which means hey you are the winner hey if this video gets 400 000 likes we're locking bread in the water chamber right all right so guys if you like this video you'll have good luck for an entire week

so like it up this week's shout out goes to magano if you want to be next week's shout out just comment down below done as many times as you can and we'll see you guys next week have you seen me goes .

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