I'm gonna be going on 100 dates in the next 24 hours oh my oh my God my last and final Rose goes to  so a couple months ago I surprised my little sister Lexi with 100 dates so today I'm surprising Brett with 100 dates oh finally don't mess this up because it was really hard to get 100 girls that wanted to date you rude yo if I was a girl I teach you oh well I don't know how I feel about that so why are we at my house well let's just say it's a little surprise yeah you're gonna love

this are you ready for this rat ready for what Drew this hi oh my God they're even up here so what do we do first I mean let's let the dating begin so for the first round we're gonna have to eliminate 70 girls based off just first impression that's like literally impossible all these girls are like gorgeous well it's a good thing that you're not picking this around because I am what yeah all right let's get started all right let's bring up the first girl my name's Savannah and a fun fact about

me is I'm a nurse and can dance for Brent and it smells really sweet like honey oh you seem very sweet I actually flew from New York all the way to be here for you Brent there's something a little off about you if you're willing to come from New York to see Brett what well I like your outfit it's a yes oh all right I love going to Disneyland so does Brent and I could bark like a dog I can't click this button fast enough so we were off to a pretty good start but there were a few surprises oh

no no wait do I have like a veto power yeah like you do you have one I do  so one by one girls were eliminated but that didn't stop these ones from showing their more interesting sides oh my God oh my God I am a triplet oh wow that's actually yes I heard you guys are taking the top three girls to Hawaii wait what the what we're gonna have a lot of fun in Hawaii I don't know if Brent's writing me a dab I'm sorry for you

I love tall guys oh I'm sorry oh okay so I know JD was a thing but I feel like we can make Brady a thing oh you okay with this I have no words I don't know if I'm gonna do this to Jeremy sorry Katie okay I think that's it oh oh yeah wait I'm here didn't we didn't we already no our first time I just I guess uh what all right so round two is the talent show we write off this entire theater so that you guys can show us your best talent if you get three X's that means you are out of the

competition are you guys ready so I'm really good at tongue twisters Peter Piper picks a peck of pickled peppers how many pecks of pickled peppers could Peter Piper picked I'm impressed Drew I'm impressed I am also impressed you move on to the top 12. I'm gonna try to deadlift friends so if he wants to come up on here you're gonna deadlift me yes oh my God then it's a yes for me it's a yes for me yes yes [Music] I'm sorry I'm gonna play the clarinet for you guys I don't show people this

talent because they get very emotional during it I don't like to make people cry you made Drew cry I loved it it's a yes for me why don't you love her it was good yes hi guys I'm Ava cool what are you gonna be singing today uh crazy oh yeah I like her I like her too much  no oh my God she's really good have you ever performed on a stage before high school it's a yes for me I'm gonna give it a yes of course I am also gonna give it a yes but I'm also gonna give you you got the golden buzzer which means

you make it to the top three nice job my name is Olivia and I'm a fire breather wait what oh I don't know if I would want my girlfriend breathing fire so it's a no for me and uh yeah I'm sorry let's go on a date unfortunately I am gonna have to say no no oh oh my gosh oh that was really really good yes I think yes yes yes for me my talent is that I'm a really good kisser I'm not sure that's really a talent though I I think you're gonna find out yes you're a good kisser but I'm gonna

have to give you a no is Lexi single no for me oh you two should go on a date what do you guys say we were left with the top 12 girls and now it was time to take it up a notch except for round three we're going on speed dates over dinner the thing is me and you're gonna be in your ear telling you what to do why would I let you guys do that we're gonna see if they like you for you yeah like we're gonna make you do some pretty questionable things yeah oh no okay we're watching Brent talk to

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