this is dexter so dexter is going to decide if you get kissed or slapped dexter i'm looking at what drew is doing what is he doing now no there's no way what's up friend true what is this come check this out i spent all day building this this does not look like a good idea has a death wish all right well let's get started oh this is level one you guys ready now we ramp up the speed you're going to make it go faster oh way faster that was just the start level you having fun drew a lot actually all right we're ramping

it up no this one i'm a little nervous on i don't think ben would be nervous well then i'm not nervous we're going to go all the way to level 10. why go big or go home bro all right whatever [Music] oh back flop so hard this is the final level oh my god okay that's enough all right so we all know that ben and drew love to one-up each other yeah getting better stop all right i'm better okay today we're gonna see who can handle the most pain me let's do it so the first to scream loses the winner gets one

thousand dollars are you ready mines it started okay all right drew you're up first oh he's going for the bottle oh oh no how is he not screaming then you're up oh are you is that a plate oh my god i'm wondering how they're not screaming i'm really not screaming no the mousetraps i know that one hurt no no not the tortilla this is the funniest thing to watch the wax strip no way oh my god oh yeah that was way too bad oh my god it's going to scream true you get the thousands yeah it's a wack strip

all right everyone would scream all right so there has been some rumors no they're not rumors it's true hey we all think that we know jeremy and brent's assistant bella are messing around they're messing around if you know what i mean i mean we had some good proof the other night i caught them at dinner together just them too i mean that's a date yeah yeah oh what's going on here what's up you guys are just by yourselves right now eating dinner that's so cute have fun on your little

date okay so now there's only one thing left to do confront them about it i want to get to the bottom of this if you don't know this is my assistant bella hi guys i know what's going on what wait what like that dinner that we have i know the truth what truth that you guys have been hooking up how would you know oh i don't know just admit it and then what we can be done with this i mean what am i admitting i don't know why why are you guys denying it have you ever kissed bella i i don't

know are you hooking up with my sister or not so what did we learn here today that you want me and bella to kiss uh yeah i mean that'd be that'd be cool yeah that'd be awesome yeah i mean it wouldn't be the first time right i mean you're not wrong so right now we are here at vidcon i'm gonna bring one of you guys on stage you guys will do a bottle flip and if you land the bottle flip i'm gonna give that person three thousand dollars all right so what are your guys's names i'm emily i'm alexander who is gonna be

doing the bottle flip today i think i'll let him do it i don't know how you feeling a little scared are you guys ready [Applause] come on oh my god thank you so much lexi why is there a monkey in my kitchen this is dexter he's a highly trained monkey and he's probably a lot smarter than you are she's not wrong let me answer my question though why is he in my kitchen he's going to control your life for the day oh i'm looking forward to this why would i let him do that i mean he's unlucky why not come on

it'll be fun please okay you can't say no all right you know what that was pretty cute fine i'll do it yeah all right so first dexter's gonna pick what goes in your morning smoothie are these sardines yeah and we also have hot sauce chili and stuff like that that's gonna be disgusting yeah great lexi thanks a lot it's not me it's dexter oh he's all the hot dogs oh that's so gross all right bananas let's do it oh oh strawberry yeah supposed to cut the leaves off no it's okay cheers wisely

no this is bad how many of you want making your life miserable seriously thanks a lot dexter really appreciate it man this looks good no it doesn't oh well i'm not drinking it so i don't care it's time to make the smoothie right oh wow oh no it's so gross oh good luck with that let's just smell it i'm just gonna smell it oh no how is it bro it is so bad you want to taste it it's not very good yeah no oh how does it taste what is it [Music] so dexter is going to decide if you get kissed or slapped oh great and and who

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