I Built a Secret Gaming Room Under My Bed!



my friends are walking in my house as if it's their own including you okay I'm sorry yeah you're guilty of this today we're gonna build a billy grit underground bunker so if I ever need some peace and quiet I for find me what I know where it is I'm gonna be able to find you oh no so this is the floor plan of my house currently we are right here and this bedroom actually has a basement under it which leads to a bigger right here this is the room right here the plan is is that we have to make a

hole somewhere in this room to get to the basement I think we just make a hole and just hope for the best if you're wrong Drew my mom is not gonna be happy I definitely know what I'm talking about what better spot than under the bed look at how secretive that is if we made a hole here we would have the entrance hidden underneath the bed where no one can find us and then when we go inside we just close it back up and it's like nothing ever happened voila before we start breaking my house I'm so excited

we have to get the right tools so uh should we uh go to the store let's do it dude all of these look like weapons like look at this thing here what I got holy crap I don't even trust you with that we're gonna need a flashlight because in that basement it's gonna be dark at this point we're just getting random things  what else do we need objection stay safe do you need a haircut uh not from you now sure no no okay let's look to the bed let's see what we got we're gonna make the hole

right here in the middle we have to carefully yes I get it carefully okay come on oh it's lifting up oh right there oh almost there yeah there we go I know what to do Mom if you're watching this I'm so sorry just keep hitting oh dude I am not going down there that's terrible bro what yo you know when you're afraid of like Monsters being under your bed this is now under your bed should you go check it out I guess we have to you're going right after me right uh yeah oh my God yeah there you

go dude it is scary it's scary down here okay well I'm gonna clean the bed now I think this one down here welcome crap he's in here don't release him he's kind of cute when he's not trying to bite me yeah all right little guy be free go bye little one we'll see you later all right well uh let's get back to work so Drew we're gonna need to bust down that wall in order to get to the other basement that's bigger than this one sir yes sir oh keep hitting it keep hitting it oh

 dude who broke the pipe oh  Bro oh I don't know your hands I just turned off the wire the whole house oh it got literally all over I think you're gonna need to call plumber after this I think I'm gonna have to kill you okay but look at it it's almost done leaking I'm gonna start breaking this wall now what if after all this there's no bigger room on the other side there is gonna be a room it was in the blueprints just like how the pipe was in the blue case oh no way is there a room I can't see

any oh my god oh my god dude wait this is like bigger than my room at home I could stand in here yo oh the light works okay it's a little wet in here we're literally underneath my house well Drew I mean I think there's only one thing left to do we need to make this place look sick we're at Target and we're about to get a bunch of stuff for this room we're gonna be spending a lot of money on this so there's a lot of options for TVs but we don't know which one we're gonna go with

yeah the biggest one we could find dude it has to fit in the room okay this one could fit if this is too big and it doesn't fit in the room it's your fault I'll make it fit okay Pikachu Sonic the more pillows the better we need a PS5 yeah go big or go home right we need drinks for our mini fridge and of course we have the mini fridge I think it's time to check out this better be worth it oh my God this ain't fitting he ended up calling the plumber to help fix the pipe that Drew broke it's gonna be fixed

though hopefully how's it going down there pretty good we're all done oh cool so we can actually turn the water back on sure can absolutely it wasn't as bad as the time Ben caught the toilet oh my God I can't imagine that yeah we're sorry that Ben put you through that I don't even want to talk about it so let's get to finish in this room yeah let's do it so I invited all the friends over to be at the house in about two and a half hours this room needs to be complete by the time they

get here also it's gonna ruin the surprise yeah that is not enough time so right now we're literally just trying to put everything that we bought at Target inside the room and decorate it like crazy this is the moment of truth I don't know if it's gonna fit oh shoot it's a bit popcorn machine coming through true

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