You had andrew you guys dating yet or what ah all the girls i find they're just like not as like pretty as you you know oh thank you are you flirting with literally just talking no dude  okay i am so nervous right now i don't know if i can do it and you've done it plenty times before no yes you have brett is going to be calling me the b word today yes in front of her family which is very scary have you ever seen her brother get mad i'm just trying to do it do it right now listen's hangry angry as usual oh geez
all right how's it look logan can you not please are we ready i'm sorry are we ready okay you ready i'm ready yo this is better be a joke right now you did not just call pierce in a bit okay it's a phrase i literally had to ask because otherwise you were going to be whooped into yeah  i didn't know what was going on i didn't know if he was like kidding that took like so much effort for me to do i i couldn't do it right in the beginning well i'm sorry for putting you guys in an uncomfortable position i would never

call your daughter a bit okay then if you did you'd be dead all right so everyone is here and guess what guys what what this is our first ever sleepover isn't it weird that we've never all slept together before  is oh my gosh you're doing great yeah we're protecting ourselves my face is my job

oh my gosh oh oh oh what are you guys doing oh my god you okay this is the pillow fight and they're actually biting here all right so it's 4am i think we're finally going to sleep just go to bed trying to sleep i guess we're going to sleep now piercing you down to tuck me in no she's not i think she is oh can you rub my back no okay now you're asking too much so right before this we

went over to jeremy's apartment without jeremy there and we stole a lot of his belongings like his tv his table his oculus see everything that he loves we took yeah we're not good friends so today we invited jeremy to a rage room where basically you just crush a bunch of random things but what jeremy doesn't know is that all those random things are going to be his things and he's going to be in lots of rage after yeah he's going to be he's going to want to break other things okay so we just got to the rage room are

you guys getting mad oh yeah are you ready to lay your anger out let's do it three two one go oh my god jeremy is literally going at it right now any last words for the blender nope yo i think that vr set needs to be broken too batter's up oh how's the home run and it still works right does it oh my gosh jeremy stop stop jeremy terry what does any of this stuff look familiar no you don't recognize any of this stuff from your apartment what i have the same trash can that better not be mine nah this is a lie you

destroyed all your stuff shut up i swear hey mason tell the truth uh yeah that's that's true bro what dude why would you do that dude if this is actually mine you're gonna pay for all this bro this better not be my oculus dude it is your oculus oh i just got this i'm leaving i just broke all my stuff i have to go to the store and get new stuff all right you want your tv back no you can keep it you can keep it so my little sister lexi absolutely hates when guys flirt with her this is dom's photographer kyle he's gonna play

the f-boy and try to aggressively flirt with my sister lexi this should make her really uncomfortable being the older brother i am i'm gonna step in and make things even more uncomfortable i'm gonna beat him up what yeah i'm gonna beat him up that came out of nowhere so i left the house and we got both kyle and lexi on the couch and it's time to let the flirting begin okay so she's taking the thumbnail right now this is gonna be so awkward are we all in it no no i'm just using face let me antonio do

you have the other lens you had andrew you guys dating yet or what ah no that wasn't yes or no wasn't no i didn't know that sounds see i don't know you're just a little defensive i don't know i'm gonna try to film a bit try to do like like a speed dating thing all the girls i find are just like not as like pretty as you you know oh thank you not as pretty as you oh my god she's so uncomfortable right now like how are you finding them like through an agency or just i don't know it's just like no one

kind of compares you know i'm getting pranked right now there's a couple maybe like that yeah why are you coming mason i always call you come on you're the cutest second cutest person here really looking for a hidden camera right now she's looking for a hidden camera if andrew's the problem like i can talk to him it can't fix the problem that's what it sounds like as soon as i brought him up you like you close down you know maybe you should like leave you don't have to you don't have to leave she is literally

so uninterested right now so now it's time for me to be the older brother and go inside and get a little mad where is dom he's outside why did somebody come get kyle flirty today what mason dude are you flirting with her no we're just talking are you flirting with her literally just talking about gonzaga was he no no no no dude i wasn't i swear this can't be real bro dude  he did good as in it was like pretty subtle to where it could have been either it could have been a prank but it

could have been for real the second i knew was when he said you know looking at all these girls to to be in this bit but none of them compared to you that was my acting when i came in and beat kyle up you've definitely ruined it how did you feel when kyle was flirting with you it was pretty subtle so i was like she was into it all right that's it get out of the house get out of the house so brent lost his voice so i'm going to speak for him today if this video gets 400 000 likes brent has to be my personal assistant

for the day  yeah this week's shout out goes to vash we and we will see you guys next week adios amigos .

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