all right so what are we about to watch right now drew i got a good little stunt we're gonna go down the huge hill hit the ramp through the ring of fire why why are you making him do that i don't make him do anything he wants to do it brent's making me do it is that your little sister's helmet yeah oh no oh no it actually like was a lot better than i thought it was part two yeah yeah this time i'm gonna land it watch okay  all right so we're in ben's room right now and we're about to flip everything

in his room upside down i don't know how we're gonna do this i don't know either but we're gonna try oh my god what do you think holy crap i know we did it so this literally took us not even kidding four hours to do any of this can fall any second it's kind of scary yeah definitely don't stand under the bed and don't stand under that oh yeah or that i don't even know how ben's gonna go to bed tonight all right so are you guys ready to see ben's room kind of nervous yeah

oh my god how did you even do this this is ridiculous i have a headache i'm pretty sure this tops anything you've ever done to ben's room this is ridiculous i see what you did there it tops it oh my i didn't even try to do that what the [ __ ] is this welcome to your room welcome oh my god why is everything upside down really turn my room upside down yes really the clothes too the clothes oh yeah and and your shoes i can't get my shoes yeah you're not gonna get it you're all saying you

wanted to redo your room like we did do a favor that's not what i meant though i think it looks better like this yeah i think so too you're gonna take this down right i wish i was going to switch my room back right hotel buddy you're gonna switch it back all right good night ben all right i'm gonna go to my room yo fix this someone needs to fix it no bye all right so we're at the beach right now and we're here with yay how thick is this line this is two inches wide oh my god she's defying gravity
 i think we're capable of doing this you're funny drew you're doing it you're doing it true drew you're doing it you got this i got way too confident ah okay whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa i don't got it you gotta let go no you're not gonna go okay so right now we're about to facetime a subscriber so what's your name nice to meet you tayla one time a week i would go and watch your videos you guys always kept me laughing and smiling so we want to give back to subscribers in

any way we can and we have a little gift for you we're gonna be actually sending you a thousand dollars of course i'm surprising a subscriber every single week with a facetime call and a mystery gift just comment your instagram name down below it's as easy as that that's it are they here yet yeah they should be here any second sydney and blake are about to pray jeremy and ben and they have no idea are you guys ready oh we're so ready you guys have the confetti cannons right here all right okay here we go come on in come on

in oh how's it going good i just got back from the gym bro you did i told brent that we're better pranksters than you guys all right no no no no no no no that's not true so what is this is this a prank work well hey they started it so are you guys going to get him back oh it's payback time baby i'm ready to go all right i'm kind of scared we gotta be quick we got these pool noodles some shaving cream when they open the fridge this pool noodle's gonna swing and smack them right in the face

that's what they get for doing that annoying prank wait can you give me water i like black licorice tea and blue good job that was such a lame prank come on what do you mean it's okay we oh my gosh how long does this take two hours two hours hey this is definitely the best prank yeah yes don't get so mad at literally anything when it comes to his car so he is going to freak out hey that better not be mine that better not be my car that's the shape of your car dude no i think they did a little something to

your car there's no way they did that to my car we made your car look way better than it did before okay no keep it like this it almost looks better what made you guys pick ben's car okay well it was nice seeing you guys in your reaction so we'll see you guys later oh no i'm coming i'm coming with you guys i'm not picking that up what the heck see you back okay frank we need your help these kids are getting too good yeah they're they're killing you guys right now i need help from the prank god brent

himself oh i can't help i'm not allowed to help for 50 bucks okay maybe i can help all right since prince you know a nice guy he's not really mean i want you to be mean to the kids like super rude extremely rude no there's no way they don't fall for it because they're not going to see it coming from brent that's true so how do you think their prank went it sucked it's terrible all right guys let's be a little more positive about it i think you guys are being a little too like negative and

like it's kind of like it's almost a little rude like i think you guys should kind of tone it down a bit wait seriously yeah this is a phone oh okay you've never acted like this it was like what that was good enough i think we should just wait for the next prank we pull on you guys yeah all right okay so we're gonna hit them with flour in the leaf blower oh really oh my gosh your guys are so messed up that was good that was really good that was stupid nice job guys that was amazing thank you all right so you guys

have to step it up a bit i mean they're whipping your butt okay stop doubting us bro we got something up our sleeves oh you do dude this is going to cut to the best prank of the day it is yeah watch this ready it's about to cut it's in the cut ready of the day no no no no no no no so they just slimed you how do you feel how do you think they feel brave this was definitely the best prank of the day all right so now that everything is said and done who won the prank war if you think the kids one like the video

if you think the adults won then comment down below yeah however make sure you like this video kid it's gonna be a war i have some sad news this is our last day here at this current amp world house it's honestly really sad because we've made so many good memories here it has been so much fun and this is the last day yeah i just wanted to tell you guys and um pearson and lexi are coming over right now actually they have no idea they're just gonna walk in the house and realize that everything is gone and

we're gonna get their reaction today i decided to do a little something different with the house redecorate it a bit oh okay what this is decorated wait where's the couch wait where's the space wall no it's over we knew we're gonna do it we're actually moving out of this current house so do we have another house to move into yes so that's coming soon guys we made so many good memories in this backyard too remember the slime watercolors we're just about to say that do you guys remember squid gamer oh

yeah you guys are leaving the amp world house one last time see ya bye bye guys so i love you guys stay tuned for what's to come and um i'll see you next time adios amigos i have to say my goodbyes i think pearson's handling this uh not very well .

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