oh oh my God oh my God it's so cold [Music] we are taking the hot and cold challenge to the next level behind me are two rooms to simulate the most extreme climates in the entire world we've equipped the hot room with Industrial Level heaters that can reach temperatures of over 250 degrees it is actually so hot holy crap and for the cold room we've dumped over 3 000 pounds of snow to keep this room literally at Sub-Zero temperature just walked into Antarctica I'm about to get freaking hypothermia

Jeremy and Lexi you will be on one team yes no and live and die you're in the other team let's go and I had my friends randomly pick which colors they will be I'm going with this one three two one oh my cold room oh no here we go oh dude I'm gonna be sweating in there he's already sweaty and stinky can we not put him in a hot room and I almost forgot to mention the grand prize is ten thousand dollars I think being cold is easier than being super hot I don't know about that I guess we'll find out no what come on

let's go get in there lost my breath dude it is hot in here man it's 125 degrees right now I I'm sweating in here it's that hot I don't know figure good luck yeah we'll be just fine in here we'll be fine we'll be good we'll be good this is crazy oh my God it is freezing cold in here so cold in here I sculpture like this is extra the ice sculpture cost us three thousand dollars oh kidding me hey look at the chair it looks a little cold right no send it try it what do you think of it oh wow

this is the most uncomfortable chair ever look at the bright side Dom there's cup holders oh great for all the ices I can drink while I'm in here it better be really hot in there because this is bad yeah well at least you have a slushie machine and some ice cream that was very thoughtful yeah of course the challenge starts now and also I forgot to mention if you guys get too hot or too cold you both have three lifelines that can help you survive the challenge that's nice Jeremy are you okay we don't even need lifelines you could

say we're uh we're chilling oh okay all right what about you guys do you guys want to use a Lifeline right now there's a lot of flying consist of a new partner as the minutes went by they were already showing signs of fatigue it is so hot in here and it smells so bad bro I can literally smell the heat in here how is it going in here just you know enjoying our snacks you guys are actually eating the ice cream dude we're bored y'all know that's gonna make you all colder right but I'm hungry you know

what make this room even hotter right what not just one Lexi but two Lexi where did you get a photo of Lexi we're gonna talk about that after are you cool with that or is that kind of weird that's kind of weird oh that's all right dude there's like some kiss marks on there all right guys we'll see you later after more time passed it was obvious we needed to make things a little bit harder so are you guys getting a little hungry okay well lucky for you we're doing the first challenge called trash

can roulette you guys want to throw a ball into a trash can the trash can correlates to which food you have to eat and if you don't finish the food you are eliminated from The Challenge so we have to eat the food yeah you have to eat the whole thing so it's good food uh no it's not good food it's gonna be cold food yes here we go three two one oh oh number two all right Lexi come over here these are the spiciest noodles that you can buy all right well here's your fork Lexi and uh eat the whole thing okay

here we go right oh m
y God oh my God oh my God are they actually that's nice line no you have to finish it I can't I'm not gonna eat another bite this is it actually that bad it's really bad how does it taste you guys want a Lifeline yes all right here's the lifeline oh give me this what's up you're telling me these are game changing this is so stupid we just ate the spiciest noodles in the world how would this help oh wait this is actually nice okay it's not taking away the pain in my

mouth but it's cooling me down all right you guys ready to see your shot this is real ice oh my God all right here we go good luck Dom you got number two oh no you have to eat all these mints and then drink a whole bottle of water bro that's gonna be so cold three two one oh now drink the water it's like so cold it burns it like hurts bro we'll be back we'll be back all right Jeremy it's your turn to shoot the ball what let's go here you go I'm going for number one because that's how I'm

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