You're the girl that bullied my sister don't say it like that do you remember me I don't think I do Julia oh man watch this okay Rapunzel Rapunzel wait is that Mason that's Rapunzel no that's definitely not Rapunzel I'm Rapunzel today ripped off half Mike being me is so hard how hard can that be yeah there's the bird living in my hair there's literally a nest in your hair I know exactly it's me it's Rapunzel from all the movies Rapunzel you your face is so hairy yeah I didn't shave

I did like a catfish you know one of the benefits of having this long hair if she gets mad she can choke people out with it yeah right yeah I'm sorry lucky you broke his hair are there any Disney Princesses you don't f with I don't f with any of them Rapunzel you're a lot sweeter in the movie than you are in real life am I really yeah yeah wow in real life excuse me this is why I hate my freaking hair why is there all your hair in the burgers I set it down for five seconds and I pick it back up and it's just all

my hair's on it I would hate to be you Rapunzel I hate to be mean freaking kidding me is that a dog I think it wants your hair oh what are you doing oh no try oh my God all right so right now I'm here with my mom and my grandma so Lexi and I are gonna be asking you guys questions and every question that you guys answer we're gonna give you a hundred dollars you're probably not going to want to answer any of these questions okay let's start with uh Nana who is your least favorite friend of mine no I

can't answer that I really like all your friends too but if I had to pick one it would have to be Ben because you would plug up our toilet all the time are you jealous NADA yes if me and Brent were falling off a cliff who would you say oh that definitely save you love me I would save you were any of your kids a mistake none of them were a mistake and what about you Mom you were the only mistake honey she's not being for real when did you lose your B card grew up being a virgin and had to be when I got married you kind of fooled

around a little bit before all right all right I definitely not answering that I don't want you to know have you ever smoked weed before once so I took one pot and I had to go upstairs and lie down well there you go NADA of course I was raised in the 80s wow wait what never knew that oh police that would have been really weird have you ever thought any of friends friends were attractive oh I think a lot of your friends are attractive who's the most attractive friend that I have I don't have a favorite Andrew

come on has a crush on Andrew so I think today we learned a lot about each other right yeah right I don't think so we didn't learn a thing about you or you well video gets 500 000 likes we are going to ask them oh no embarrassing questions only if the video gets 500 000 likes to like the video are you looking like that so uh you're the girl that bullied my sister say it like that you're making me look better even better here to confront you yeah well I'm here to admit what I did I was wrong but I was like in seventh grade

yeah well she can apologize eight years later a little late yeah it's a little late how did you find her like how how do you have your sister a seventh grade bully in the car right now so he actually hey Lexie can you remember me I don't think I do oh yeah oh from middle school how are you I'm good last time I heard it she made you cry in seventh grade okay that was one time yeah see it was one time wow you bullied her into crying it was a joke you know what you did cry pretty bad I feel bad I still think

about it honestly honestly isn't it funny when she cries how does she make you cry well I was wearing pigtails one day and she called me a pig ah is that really what happened no I must have so many like mean things to say to her right now just let it all out go ahead and uh Lexi are you surprised seeing her now I mean yeah like what why would I expect this is she nicer now well yeah you might have bullied her in middle school but we're gonna bully you now you idiot is there anything you would like to say

to Lexi I am genuinely sorry girl it had to eat me up I kid you not I really didn't bully yeah guys all right all right all right each of you guys get one hit there you go okay yeah like you want to go get dinner yeah maybe yeah let's do it this is proof that you can become best friends with your middle school bullying I mean you didn't you didn't like me at one point you no no we're not friends so everyone knows that Drew loves to do crazy things man so today we're gonna put him to the test and let

random strangers pick dares for him to do in public strangers I don't know about this what do you dare my friend Drew to do dare you to get your ears pierced at Claires I before he does this good luck all right I was ready to see Drew get his ears Pier CED oh yeah I'm here I'll count down my side oh my gosh I don't like that feeling ouch they look good wait they're in yeah Oh I thought that was just the hole great job thank you I appreciate it do you guys have a dare for my friend Drew to do you have to let us smash this ice

cream cone on your head oh why does everyone have such good dares oh for good measure wait Drew how does it taste for sure oh yeah yeah that's enough of these dares let's go home all right so I have a dare not for you though thank God for them I dare you guys to like this video come on don't like it this week's subscriber FaceTime goes too if you want to FaceTime all you have to do is comment your Instagram down below and that's it and we'll see you guys next week adios amigos foreign

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