Break The GIANT Piggy Bank, Win $10,000!



So i put ten thousand dollars in this giant piggy bank first person to break inside wins it all oh five four three two all right so today we're doing don't sit in the breakaway chair okay each round there's gonna be one breakaway chair and the last person sitting is gonna win 1 000 oh you guys ready to break your necks no no and start the music be careful guys oh crap oh oh my god stop oh i saw the piece of wood go up your butt i'm so glad it wasn't me all right drew you are out first dang it i had to be

first i don't think i want to play this anymore three two one go and stop you're out all right so two people left and two chairs left and start the music oh oh and stop let's go baby all right so jeremy one thousand dollars give me that money baby finally time i want something geez i know you never win anything dude i'm gonna be sore for like a week my back hurts so our friend dom was really really late for a clip the other week because he said his alarm clock didn't work does anyone know where dom is no i mean it's 10 he's probably sleeping he's definitely sleeping so we bought 200 alarm clocks and we're gonna put him inside dom's room to make sure he's not late this time oh he's definitely not gonna be no good morning oh my god that's so loud i think so yeah all right bye dom go go today we're gonna play at last to leave the shot collar on wins five hundred dollars here's the twist you guys have each other's remotes oh you can control basically how hard you shocked the other person perfect i'm terrified all right drew this is mason's remote oh watch out ready set go oh my gosh my whole face was like no 15 15 15. do you want to do 20 okay if i do 20. oh thank you so much so today i'm telling my subscribers to pick a card out of this deck and if they pick the king of hearts they will get a brand new ipad but what they don't know is that every single card in this deck is a king of hearts yeah this is gonna be pretty easy for them there's obviously 52 cards in the deck right

yeah we have a deck of cards right here if you can pick the king of hearts we will give you a brand new ipad wow okay okay oh my god okay it's like a one in 52 chance right okay all right show the camera oh my god oh my god bro let's go now you're wrestling me you got it you don't know where you got the camera no way no way no [Laughter] this is a normal sized piggy bank and this is the world's biggest piggy bank so i put ten thousand dollars in this giant piggy bank first person to break inside wins it all all right you guys

ready i am going with number one spatula so ben here is your spatula so each of you has five seconds with your weapon to try and get inside okay this is not a weapon this is a cooking device literally just put a freaking scratch in hey you made a scratch all right so pearson you are next oh yeah all right let's do it all right four chair it is better than a spatula i feel bad for the pig what no shut up wait oh oh my god oh my god i broke the chair you broke the chair no you're out of time kirsten you made a

little bit of damage to the eye andrew you're up next let's get it six all right let's do it professional wrestler let's bring out the professional wrestler hi are you ready for the professional wrestle to go at it let's get it baby come on dead go five four three two all right guys barely made a dent in it you did this me okay i did that no he didn't come with me perfectly all right so ben what's your number 10 10 10.

all right go for it handsaw oh one handsaw for ben all right ben are you ready yes all right ready set go five four three two one all right i did the most damage i'm not gonna lie you did all right so pearson you're up next all right yeah i'm gonna choose two giant scissors okay ready set go five four three two one all right that's it i hate this stupid tool uh andrew you're up what number three three okay chainsaw oh ready set go five four three two one time time time all right i'm scared to be around this guy right now yo it's

open it's open yeah it is well can you fit inside though no i can't there's no way go with 11. okay 11. giant boxing gloves oh this is not gonna do anything ready set go five four three two one i think that hurts way more than it helped all right pearson what number i'm thinking numero no eva because it looks like it's falling down rank five four three two one i'm so useless pearson you did uh nothing i did andrew what's your number i'll do eight acts okay i feel like this is the best

tool of them all you think so yeah definitely five four three oh oh no the pig time's up time's up oh my god right there this is a massive hole right here it's almost like my arm can just reach right through your whole body through piercings i feel like whoever's next is gonna break through and you know who's next who me oh god then pick a number i'm gonna pick number five baseball bat oh set go five four three two one all right so ben you made a decently sized hole it's huge.
 what are you talking about what do you want to do put in a lot of work for this hole i'm crawling through it oh oh my god i made it inside oh my gosh look at all this money i'm the winner oh hey guys guys guys guys hey that's ben's money oh my gosh what the heck they're taking my money guys i heard youtube took away the like button for a lot of people i heard that too so if you still have the like button like this video this week's subscriber facetime goes to if you want to facetime all you have to do is comment your instagram username down below and we'll see you guys next week  did you need an ipad she's like no idea.

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