we're in a massive trampoline park which just closed which means we have the park to ourselves for the entire night i don't care i'm scared yeah need everyone else are you ready yes i'm sure all right so drew what's about to happen here this is just a way to prove that i'm braver than bad okay so what are you gonna do i have a tractor tire i'm gonna roll down a huge hill and hit the hundred bends at the bottom i've never seen ben do anything like this yeah because he's not stupid oh no no no what

do you mean oh my yo drew what's going on here and you have no idea okay all right you ready yeah push me three two one go oh let me just tell you i would have never done that all right so right now lexi and i are going to do the mystery outfit challenge okay i'm very nervous right now ah this one no i'm literally gonna look so ridiculous yeah but you look ridiculous anyway uh i'm gonna go with ryan all right you're gonna be wearing some nice tights how am i gonna fit in here i would like to

apologize to everyone watching this video before that one oh these are bad shoes this one no are you done yet this is awful this is really really nice you're the one that did this to me it's your turn to get humiliated which side um this side okay a little blue button up not too bad maybe not too bad that's gonna be really bad which one that's right okay some nice little cargo pants you're gonna look ridiculous brad you're wearing a dress and tights and heels you know what i feel like this game is worse

for me than her this one yeah oh okay all right lexie are you ready no way it looks like i would have a nature valley bar i think we should ask mom which outfit she likes better take off your blindfold in three two one oh my gosh what is that wow you got some long old legs there um i'm going to have to say look at the legs you know how could i not pick brent would you look at this get out i just can't get over the legs they are so skinny i'm never playing anything ever again all right so today we're gonna prank our

friends into thinking that dom and sophie are getting in a massive argument but then they're gonna make up by making out oh damn okay oh all right oh my god yeah i don't care but you never pay attention to anything i do don't you're making this why are you making this a big deal post the picture this is stupid you always do this  oh my god oh this is literally this is so dumb oh what the hell is going on what don't act like you don't know i'm so sorry i don't know that was just wait is that how you guys

usually make out yeah yeah because everything you ask me about is stupid oh it's stupid really really it's stupid is this stupid oh sh holy oh  what are you talking about yes i do no you don't okay whoa whoa whoa chill never care okay i'm actually getting out of the car now what is going on bro bro turn off the camera that was the weirdest thing i've ever seen all right so right now we're in a massive trampoline park which just closed which means we have to park to ourselves for the entire night

are we even allowed to be here though honestly i have no idea it doesn't matter right now it's midnight which means we have like a good six hours to have some fun you guys ready yeah let's go flip over that watch oh  this is so fun all right so first we're gonna do sumo jousting all right so the first match is ben versus jeremy oh who's gonna win oh oh oh shoot oh wait wait wait hold on all right so now we got andrew versus drew i'm ready three two one go oh oh oh oh oh who won andrew one no

all right so now we're doing best trick in the foam pit wins one thousand dollars and i'm the judge oh great all right jeremy you're first three two one go oh jeremy your score is yeah what i did a front flip off the wall i just don't like you all right so andrew you're next all right let's get it all right let's go oh lexie what's andrew's score it was pretty much jeremy's but a backflip andrew's score is a seven he's grading him off his looks drew's up next oh

that was three spins that was definitely the most impressive flip i've seen all night oh drew you get a 10. can i eat the top of ten oh oh i'm gonna give it a nine all right so congratulations drew you won the thousand all right so right now i'm gonna pull prank on my friends this is mark he's gonna pretend to be a security guard and uh we're gonna get my friends in trouble hey guys what are you guys doing here what are you doing here you know it's after hours right oh we're just okay you're not

i don't i don't care what you're doing you're not supposed to be here i need everyone else right now really i thought you got the whole point no yeah i know i i i contacted like the lady that works i don't care i'm scared okay well okay yeah i need everyone else right now oh geez right you're getting us in trouble right now bruh i just got it right get out let's have some fun wait what wait what that guy's right let's go have some fun let's go security oh there's a snack bar right there

jeremy oh my god jeremy hey hey this wasn't me brand you can't blame this on me we got pizza this is your best idea yeah bro all right so now we're playing dodgeball yeah all right so it's gonna be jeremy versus everyone else wait wait what how's that even fair yeah oh i hit my head when i was jumping all right take it take a little bit of a nap okay oh my god all right let's double bounce up i was laying down for a reason wake up we only have this park for like two more hours time for some bull riding

and i'm on control  oh my god oh so hard hey i'm under control brent you're all good yeah why is your heart going turn it off turn it in wow all right so guys it is 6 a.m right now i am tired what about you guys i'm exhausted they literally opened in two hours so we survived the whole night all right guys so if this video gets 500 000 likes we're going to be staying overnight in a water park this week's shout out goes to amila and we'll see you guys next week adios .

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